‘Greed and need’ Prince Harry won’t drop Netflix deal despite Diana ridicule, says Lady C

Host slams Prince Harry silence on 'trashy Princess Diana musical'

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Prince Harry, 37, has faced some criticism for not commenting on Netflix’s “trashy” musical on his late mother Princess Diana. The Duke Of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle, 40 have signed a huge deal with the streaming network, and Lady Colin Campbell has claimed it is highly unlikely he will walk away from the money due to his “greed and need” since becoming “financially independent” from the Royal Family.

Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt and commentator Sophie Elsworth reflected on the poor reception the Netflix Princess Diana musical has received. 

The pair agreed it was trashy and found it odd Prince Harry had not commented on the show. 

Ms Elsworth claimed a reason for this could be because he and Meghan Markle have signed their own Netflix deals.

Mr Bolt said on Thursday: “Prince Harry used to be very noisy in attacking the media for his coverage of his mother Princess Diana.

“But he has now signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix and now says nothing.

“It is the most trashy musical about his mother but also makes the Queen seem like a real cow.”

Lady Colin also agreed with the presenters’ sentiment and addressed the topic in her latest YouTube video.

She said: “As of the time of making this video, he (Prince Harry) has not announced his departure (from Netflix), you know greed and need make strange bedfellows. Let us see if he bows out.

“I don’t think we should hold any breaths because I have a feeling that money might triumph over good taste.”

“Remember Harry has spent the past 20 something years berating the public about how ‘dreadfully’ his mother was treated and how he is a guardian of her legacy.”

Ms Elsworth also addressed Prince Harry’s noticeable silence after many years defending his mother, as the news programme aired the musical’s trailer to viewers.

She added: “Funnily enough I can’t see Prince Harry coming out screaming about this.

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“What a moment of trashiness that we just put our viewers through.

“I will say for this woke couple it is a case of don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

“Netflix are putting food on their table because they have signed multi-million dollar deals with them.

“So Harry and Meghan have gone extremely quiet.”

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams insisted the British public were not missing anything by the musical not coming to the West End.

He told Express.co.uk: “It is going to be streamed and not to the West End.

“We are missing nothing, from the trailer it looks like another attempt to cash in on her memory.

“It did make Broadway, but it’s painful to watch clips from it.”

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