Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes says weight loss surgery ‘saved’ her life

Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has said that weight loss surgery 'saved' her life as she shared her incredible results.

The 35 year old mum of two had a gastric sleeve fitted last year, causing her to lose a staggering 8st in weight.

Chanelle took to Instagram recently to share a number of before and after snaps, including some of her in a hospital gown before having the surgery, and later in one once again after – presumably to check everything was well.

She also shared loved up snaps with her partner, Dan Bingham, post-weight loss, and videos of herself playing and being active with her children, as her happiness was clear to see.

In the caption, Chanelle gushed about how the surgery has 'changed my life' as she revealed that she has 'no regrets' and is 'forever grateful' for it.

She wrote: "I get so many DMs about my weight loss surgery.

"Was I nervous? Yes! But I did plenty of research beforehand.

"Do I regret it? Not one bit, it’s changed my life when I was unable to do so on my own."

The former TV personality continued: "Is it easy? No, there’s still lots of work to put in, it’s not a quick fix and it changes the way you eat/digest forever.

"Is it for everybody? No. Nothing is for everybody really. If you’re seriously considering bariatric surgery, do your research. Exhaust other options. Speak to a professional who is able to give you medical advice.

"Did it change my life? Yes it did and I am forever grateful…in some ways it didn’t only change my life but it saved it. It allowed me to live again. My WLS allowed me to experience things with my loved ones that I wouldn’t feel able to do before. It improved my mood, my health, my quality of life.

"Ps – always seek medical advice from a bariatric professional. This is purely my experience as a patient."

Her followers were quick to comment, as one said: " @chanellejhayes you were always beautiful, before and after! But its how you feel about yourself! I think you keep it real, and you just want to feel good and be able to enjoy family time!! Don't mind anyone else!!"

Another said: "As a mum who has lost lots of weight too (not through surgery though) …As long as ur happy, thats all that matters! U matter…ur still a person! Do u…happy for u hun xxxx."

Chanelle often posts about her surgery and subsequent weight loss, as she talks about the positive impact that it's had on her life.

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