Every Time Kim Kardashian Has Publicly Defended Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have proven time and time again that at least one member of this iconic power couple knows a thing or two about fierce loyalty!

Our apologies for throwing shade at the Yeezy designer, but his 39-year-old wife and mother of their four kids — North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — has arguably got him beat in that department after years of going to bat over his many, many controversial public decisions.

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Granted, ‘Ye led the charge on this one by openly telling critics to f**k off when he wed the infamous KUWTK star in 2014, who initially gained notoriety for starring in a leaked sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J. He argued she was worth it then, and it seems like Kim’s been responding in kind whenever her man is put in the hot seat.

Speaking to Van Jones during an October 2018 episode of The Messy Truth, KKW flat out said:

“Anyone who has ever doubted us or me, he has always been there to hold my hand and lift me up higher and give me the confidence. So I’ll always do the same for him.”

While that promise was tested again in June with West’s alarming bipolar episode, join us in revisiting the many other times that Kim has publicly defended her husband over the years (below)!



Trouble With Taylor Swift

Of course, one of the greatest feuds in pop culture history did not go down without a say from Mrs. West!

In 2016, the KKW Beauty founder was quick to defend her husband when he released Famous, and Taylor Swift claimed that she did not sign off on the lyric, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? / I made that b***h famous.” We all know the context behind that dates back to the moment Kanye crashed the starlet’s acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs, after she beat Beyoncé to win the Best Female Video award.

After all of the attention the famous line received at the time, Kim told GQ the Lover singer “totally knew that that was coming out,” and alleged she “wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t.” She then released clips of the conversation between West and Swift where they openly discussed the salacious lyric. Once the full and unedited video was leaked later, she argued via Twitter:

“I didn’t feel the need to comment a few days ago, and I’m actually really embarrassed and mortified to be doing it right now, but because she continues to speak on it, I feel I’m left without a choice but to respond because she is actually lying.”

She doubled down on Tay’s “lying” and added:

“But as everyone can see in the video, manipulated the truth of their actual conversation in her statement when her team said she ‘declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.’ The lie was never about the word b***h, It was always whether there was a call or not and the tone of the conversation.”

Drake Disses

So, the beef between Drake and Kanye has been going strong since 2016, but as is the case with most rap feuds, things can cool down or pop-off again at any given time. Tensions between the artists came to head during a Twitter rant about the God’s Plan singer in December 2018 where West claimed Drake had threatened him and inquired about Kim via Kris Jenner, among other questionable alleged acts. Not one to sit idly by while the men sparred, Kim defiantly stood up for her man by tweeting:

“@Drake never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake.”

Mic drop!

The Evolution Of Kim’s Style

Even while defending herself, Kim found a way to stick up for Kanye! During a 2013 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the starlet said she felt a lot of “pressure” after being slammed for her wardrobe choices at the time — and what upset her most was that people blamed West for her fashion faux pas. She told the cameras:

“It just really sucks when you’re on the worst-dressed list. People think that Kanye actually has time to dress me every single day. I feel bad that Kanye gets this bad rap for always dressing me.”

But the thing is, just a year prior, Kanye had all the time in the world to raid his then-girlfriend’s closet to get her up to speed! Watch the designer share his now-dated fashion expertise in the clip (below):

Kanye’s Perceived Support For R. Kelly & Michael Jackson

During a Sunday Service event back in January 2019, Kanye upset the masses with a rant about how controversial musicians and artists have been unfairly treated by the public. While he can certainly make a case for himself on the matter, he appeared to suggest that fans should still support the likes of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson despite several documented allegations of their sexual abuse. He mused:

“Everybody they want the art from the artist, but anytime they do anything erratic, they just gonna pull up full documentaries on him, and then they gonna come with the Michael documentary. We can enjoy all their music all we want. I thought I wasn’t gonna go there today. If we’re gonna tear down artists, let’s go ahead and take da Vinci out of the Louvre. Let’s take down all the art.”

Oof! Instead of letting the internet run away with it, Kim got proactive about clarifying her husband’s problematic comment! She defended him on Twitter, explaining:

“I’m going to nip this in the bud right now. Kanye was speaking about his own experience of everyone quick to say they are cancelling him because of differences in opinion & not being perfect. The analogies were in context to his own experiences, not defending anyone else. I want to make it very clear, he is not condoning anyone’s actions or unacceptable disgusting behavior. My husband’s words are being taken out of context due to timing.”

Are you buying that? Nah, us neither!

Chicago Charity Debacle With Rhymefest

Kimmie Cakes stepped up to defend her man after rapper Rhymefest claimed West abandoned Chicago’s youth and refused to fund the nonprofit Donda’s House, which was started in 2016 and named after West’s late mom. At the time, he also asked that people “boycott and protest” the rapper since he allegedly didn’t give any financial support.

According to Kardashian, however, that was not the full story! She replied in a series of since-deleted tweets:

“U haven’t been right since u got kick out of the studio in Hawaii wearing fake Yeezy’s @RHYMEFEST You’re over leveraging Kanye’s name & asked Kanye to donate money to u so stop with your fake community politics & lies. Truth is you haven’t been able to sustain the foundation.”

“You have the audacity to use Kanye’s mom name to try and shed a negative light on Kanye. You didn’t say this when Kanye paid you up front then you disappeared during Pablo #RealFriends.”

After receiving quite a bit of pushback from fans who supported Rhymefest’s point, she doubled back and added:

“I have and will always applaud any efforts to give back to the community. To fight for justice and to help uplift the youth. But I will never tolerate some who was close to Kanye who attempts to use his late mother’s name to publicly shame him while pretending to do good.”

You can see all three parties hash out their differences once and for all in the clip (below), starting at the 2:30 mark!

Kanye’s Slavery Comments

Kanye took the idea of a hot take to the next level when sat down for an interview with TMZ in 2018 where he made several controversial statements, including one that made slavery sound “like a choice” for 400 years. In a since-deleted clip shared to E!‘s website, KKW opted to flat-out deny her husband’s mishap:

“Kanye’s slavery comment, he never said that. That was just the headline. If you listen to what he said, he said ‘slavery was 400 years. If it’s going to be another 400 years, that sounds like a choice to me.’ He didn’t say ‘slavery is a choice.’ He was saying if you’re going to still be enslaved for another 400 years, then that’s some (expletive).”

Despite trying to twist the man’s words, there was more than enough video proof to back it up. Eventually, both parties to later walked back their words and Kanye sort of *apologized.* Relive the cringeworthy meltdown (below):

Kanye’s Lavish Private 747

Fans called out both Kim and Kanye after the two flew on a private 747 plane together to Japan in late November 2018, with many slamming the duo for not caring about the environment and being wasteful.

The Boeing jet was reportedly had the capacity for 600+ passengers and many thought it was pretty obnoxious how the momma of four bragged about how “empty” it was on her IG. She later told Extra it was was, “the nicest plane I’ve ever been on,” and explained that the reason they chose to take the expensive plane was that Kanye’s “really into architecture.” Their trainer was also seen aboard the flight too, but that doesn’t exactly give either of them a pass! And what kind of response was that, anyway?! We know rich celebs love to flex their wealth, but really? Unnecessary!

Bumping Heads With Broadway

The musician received backlash after he was caught on his phone while watching Broadway’s The Cher Show back in December 2018. This time, Kim didn’t exactly condone her husband’s actions (she is a huge Cher fan, after all!) but she did try to explain why he was focused on the small screen instead of the performers on stage! She told E! News after the incident that Kanye “felt like shit” about the move, “but he was actually taking notes because he loved the production of the show so much.” Ah yes, the creative mind apparently does not turn off even when others are trying to share their art. Here’s a tip: maybe just take mental notes next time?

West did, however, apologize for his lack of attention and according to Kardashian, it was his own choice. She told the outlet:

“He was the one that said right away, ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna tweet. I just need to apologize.’”

And here it goes (below):


The Wheelchair Incident

In September 2014, Kardashian stood up for her husband once again when his antics during a Yeezus tour stop in Sydney, Australia stirred controversy. West went on one of his infamous rants and asked all of his fans to stand up at one point during his show, noting:

“I can’t do this song, I can’t do the rest of this show until everybody stands up. Unless you got a handicapped pass with special parking.”

There were reportedly a few people who didn’t stand, prompting the artist to tell someone, “Now, if he is in a wheelchair, then it’s fine,” which one person was. Another woman with a prosthetic leg also reportedly got a pass — but obviously that bizarre moment didn’t go over well with concertgoers and once the media caught wind of it, Kimmie tweeted in her man’s defense:

“What an amazing Australian tour! Its frustrating that something so awesome could be clouded by lies in the media. Kanye never asked anyone in a wheel chair to stand up & the audience videos show that. He asked for everyone to stand up & dance UNLESS they were in a wheel chair. #JustWantedEveryoneToHaveAFunNight #TheMediaTwistsThings.”

Hmm. While that might be true, the painfully awkward video really speaks for itself!

Kanye’s Friendship With Donald Trump

Kim dropped some insight on how she really feels about her husband’s obsession relationship with Donald Trump in that Van Jones interview we mentioned up top! Her remarks came shortly after the Grammy winner wore that infamous red MAGA hat when he met with POTUS at the White House. Unsurprisingly, she defended Kanye’s right to express himself — even when it’s seriously problematic:

“Look, I always say this: It takes him about four years to write a song to communicate what he wants to say. So when he tweets something in two seconds — what’s going on in his mind, and what he thinks and what he’s trying to say — he might not be the best communicator but he has the best heart and I know what he means. I believe in him, and I believe that his message of what the hat represents to him is maybe different what it represents to other people. He is very mindful about that…. Maybe doesn’t express that. But what it means to him is something totally different, and I trust in him that he will explain that in his own way.”

Sorry, gurl. We’ve heard him explain it many different ways and we’re still not buying the bulls**t he’s selling!

Kanye’s Alarming Twitter Rants

After followers and the media criticized West’s Twitter rant and unusual behavior in April 2018, his wife had his back. the KKW Beauty founder tweeted at the time:

“To the media trying to demonize my husband let me just say this…your commentary on Kanye being erratic & his tweets being disturbing is actually scary. So quick to label him as having mental health issues for just being himself when he has always been expressive is not fair.”

“He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed in America? Because some of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw in the mental health card? That’s just not fair.”

Just two years later, she’d go on to walk back that defense and share the truth about her husband’s mental health struggles after yet another alarming episode could not be ignored.

Kanye’s Struggles with Bipolar Disorder

While Kardashian noted her husband is a “brilliant but complicated” man, she asked fans to exercise a little compassion as the artist navigated a troubling bipolar episode in August 2020. All of this, while Mr. West was also running for president, airing out their family’s intimate secrets, and verbally attacking his wife and mother-in-law Kris Jenner on Twitter while he was at it!

Publicly addressing the illness for the first time, she wrote on social media:

“I feel like I should comment on it because of the stigma and misconceptions about mental health. Those that understand mental illness or even compulsive behavior know that the family is powerless unless the member is a minor. People who are unaware or far removed from this experience can be judgmental and not understand that the individual themselves have to engage in the process of getting help no matter how hard family and friends try. Living with bipolar disorder does not diminish or invalidate his dreams and creative ideas, no matter how big or unobtainable they may feel to some. That is part of his genius and as we have all witnessed, many of his big dreams have come true.”

Perezcious readers, what did U think of this list and Kimmie Cakes’ undeniable loyalty to her man? Tell us (below) in the comments!

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