Esha Gupta Declares That Pilates Keeps Her Fit

Esha Gupta is a 33-year-old Indian film actress, model, and the winner of the 2007 Miss India International. Her stunning looks and ability to act with the best in the industry have established her in the Bollywood film industry. Esha was also the host of National Geographic’s NAT GEO Super Cars. She has won numerous awards besides the Miss India International crown, some of which include two 2013 Stardust Awards, a Filmfare Award that same year, an ETC Bollywood Business Award in 2012, a Lux Golden Rose Award in 2016, and most recently the BIG Zee Entertainment Award in 2017 for Most Entertaining Actor in a Thriller Film via the female category for her character portrayal in Rustom.

The Health Site reports that Esha Gupta has a reason that she looks so amazing on the runway and in films. It turns out Esha is also a fitness enthusiast, and she swears by Pilates workouts. Pilates has become a wildly popular physical fitness system since its development in the early 20th century by the man it was thusly named after, Joseph Pilates. The workout routine focuses on using physical strength to lift and tone with one’s own body weight, utilizing only a mat and the occasional block. Countries where the workout is most popular include the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, though it is in fact practiced globally by many individuals.

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Esha swears by this type of workout. Her social media accounts speak for her, as she is fit, sculpted, and beautiful. She frequently shares fitness posts with her fans via her Instagram account, and is always encouraging others to be their best self and take care of their body.

Her fitness routine is a mix-up of exercises that includes Pilates, kickboxing, pole dancing, and much more. She uses these workouts to maintain her built figure, and relentlessly works on her fitness level while also stating that she follows a very balanced diet.

Some of the benefits of Pilates include allegedly easing lower back pain, according to the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy study, cites The Health Site. The workouts are also reported to help with focus, flexibility, and even claim to increase the brain’s alpha peak power. The alpha peak power is associated with neural network activity, memory performance, and many other cognitive functions.

If the claims are true, it’s no wonder that Esha is in such amazing physical and seemingly mental shape.

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