Elton John joins growing list of celebs to snub Harry and Meghan

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Sir Elton John, 75, held his annual AIDS Foundation Oscars bash last Sunday, raising a record $9 million in a bid to prevent new cases of HIV, fight stigma and provide HIV. However, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry failed to make an appearance at any prestigious Academy Awards 2023 events over the weekend, leading a royal expert to believe they were snubbed from the legendary crooner’s event.

Tom Bower, author and royal expert, has pointed out Meghan and Harry’s absence from any exclusive Oscars events, making him question their influence in Hollywood.

Speaking on GB News yesterday, he said: “They weren’t even invited to Elton John’s party at the Oscars. They really are nobodies in Hollywood!”

The event raises money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, a cause that was close to Harry’s late mother Princess Diana’s heart.

Back in 1987, Diana famously opened the UK’s first purpose-built HIV unit that exclusively cared for patients infected with the virus at London Middlesex Hospital.

She hit headlines as she challenged the HIV stigma by shaking the hand of a man suffering from the illness.

In addition to inviting celebrities to Elton’s event, the foundation sells tickets to the event to the general public.

This comes after Harry snubbed Elton back in January as he detailed the disagreement he had with the Your Song hitmaker at the singer’s house in France.

Also at the end of the royal’s book, there were tributes to celebrities including Chris Martin and comedian James Corden, but no sign of Elton.

During their France stay, Harry and Meghan went on a scooter ride with Elton’s husband, David Furnish, and watched his boys fall in love with Archie.

Harry writes that he would often catch Elton studying Archie’s face, saying he knew it was because of his son’s strong resemblance to Diana.

On the final night of their stay, they were relaxing around the pool when they reportedly got into a tense disagreement.

Harry said he was congratulating Elton on finishing his memoir, Me, but the atmosphere soured when the I’m Still Standing singer revealed it was going to be serialised in the Daily Mail.

In Spare, he writes: “He saw my face. He quickly looked away. ‘Elton, how in the absolute…?'”

The Duke asked Elton why he had chosen the newspaper, to which he reportedly replied that he wanted people to read it.

The Prince told him about the “specific lies” that had been printed, but realised that Elton had accepted “a cheque for a £100,000”.

He added: “He didn’t have an answer. But I didn’t push him. I loved him. I’ll always love him. And I also didn’t want to spoil the holiday.”

Elton has remained close to both Diana’s sons since her death, with the singer defending Harry and Meghan against “relentless and untrue assassinations on their characters” in 2019.

It came after criticism for using private jets, including one provided by Sir Elton to his villa in Nice, despite speaking out on environmental issues.

Elsewhere in the book, Harry revealed how he asked Elton to sing Candle in the Wind for the anniversary of his mother’s death.

But he refused, claiming it would be too “macabre”.

The Sacrifice singer even performed at the royal couple’s wedding reception in 2018.

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