Duchess Meghan wore a vintage William coat for a snowy trip to Bristol

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Bristol, England for a day full of activities on Friday. It was snowing in Bristol hours before they even arrived, but they didn’t cancel anything, not even their “walkabout” upon their arrival. Judging from what the royal reporters said on Twitter, it sounds like they were only a little bit late because of the snow, but they still greeted people and did some kind of snowy, truncated walkabout and Meghan is on camera telling people to go inside and get warm and have a cup of tea.

For this day of events, Meghan dressed warmly for a change! I like to think that Prince Harry wouldn’t let her out of the house without her boots and a good coat. Meghan wore an Oscar de la Renta dress – which you really can’t see that well, but involves a horse print – and a vintage William coat. She looks warm, and I’m a little bit surprised that she decided to wear her hair down! She knew it was snowing! I wonder if a royal woman has ever done a pre-scheduled event in snowy, wintery conditions while wearing a warm wool hat, ear muffs and ten scarves. Anyway, from what I can see of the vintage coat, it’s cute? I like that she’s phasing in some vintage, but this looks like a lot of her stuff – a dark color, a simple silhouette, not covered in buttons.

Also: Meg’s skin is crazy!! In wintery, snowy conditions, my skin is dry AF and itchy, but look at her – she’s glowing. (She’s probably too warm because Harry made her wear a coat, lol.)

Meg and Harry talking to the little ski-gear-clad babies is maybe the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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