Duchess Meghan donates $10K to Migrateful, a charity about cooking & refugees

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have obviously closed down their “Sussex Royal Foundation,” which they formed last year with the idea that they could have a stand-alone charity/foundation after separating from The Royal Foundation, which Harry started with William years ago. I still believe – and I’m expecting Finding Freedom to verify this – that Prince William was the one who threw a fit about both the Sussex Royal Foundation and the Sussex Royal Instagram. Both the IG and the foundation were more dynamic and interesting than anything the Cambridges did, so instead of merely stepping up and doing better, William used his position in the Sussexit negotiations to demand that Harry and Meghan shut down their Instagram and their foundation. I still expect Harry and Meghan to launch a new IG, and clearly, they will launch a new charity or foundation too, they just won’t use “royal” in the name of either.

So with the foundation suspended/closed, there are still funds in the mix. The Duchess of Sussex decided to use the remaining money in a special way: donating it to a cause which involves refugees and cooking.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have dissolved their Sussex Royal foundation, and they’re using the remaining funds to support causes close to their hearts. On Friday, the charity Migrateful announced on Twitter that they received a $10,000 donation on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex. “We are immensely grateful for this donation which will go towards supporting the Migrateful mission,” the organization wrote.

The charity uses one of Meghan’s favorite activities — cooking — to help refugees, asylum seekers and migrants struggling to integrate and gain employment. Migrateful empowers them by having them run cooking classes, helping to build confidence and social connections while promoting cultural exchange with the community.

“Migrateful looks to support migrants in a number of ways relating to wellbeing, employability and integration,” according to their website. “We provide our chefs with wider social networks, improved English language and communication skills, increased confidence, a source of income, and opportunities to celebrate and share their culture.”

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The Finding Freedom excerpts are good gossip, but whenever we hear anything like this, I’m reminded of just how bittersweet the Sussexit was. Meghan cares so much about this kind of thing, and she loves how food and cooking intersects with issues like poverty, feminism, immigration, and on and on. She could have done so much in those areas as a member of the royal family. But they smeared her and abused her and pushed her out of the family.

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