Drake Says First L.A. Show at The Forum Almost Didn't Happen

Drake made a startling confession to his fans in the City of Angels on night #1 of his L.A. stint — telling them the debut show almost didn’t happen … but that he insisted it did.

The rapper was performing Saturday night at Kia Forum — the first of 4 shows at this venue, and the first of 6 total that he’ll be down here in Los Angeles. While onstage, he talked to the crowd … and said there was some issues before showtime, which nearly derailed things.

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ, where he explains what was going down hours before the doors were set to open … Drake says his team was saying there were some logistical issues they were facing in setting up the stage and the production at large.

Drake says due to this, they were telling him the show was probably going to have to be canceled — but he put his foot down … and demanded they find a way to make it happen.


Obviously, they did … because the show went on as scheduled, albeit a bit late — but which Drake and 21 Savage made up for by staying later (’til about midnight or so, we’re told) to do their complete set. Based on what we can gather … the concertgoers were appreciative.

It’s cool to hear Drake talk about L.A. and what it means to him/why he moved mountains to make the show happen. He says this has been like a second home to him … and that the city has a special place in his heart. Bottom line … he didn’t wanna let Angelenos down.

And, frankly, it’s a huge relief The Forum gig wasn’t nixed … because it could’ve possibly spelled trouble for the other dates at this venue. Of course, the recent cancelation of his concert in Memphis comes to mind — where there, too, were production issues that forced him to skip the show. It sounds like a similar situation almost unfolded here as well.

Fact is, Drake’s concerts for his ‘It’s All a Blur’ tour are pretty elaborate … especially with the stage design and all the props he uses — including a lot of giant/high-tech effects.

Drake's Performance Photos

With all that in mind, we suppose L.A. should count itself fortunate that Drake powered through and went on with the show. There’s a lot that goes into these concerts, and it ain’t always easy to make it all come together. So kudos, Papi … much appreciated!

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