Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville Is Volunteering at a COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Downton Abbey‘s Hugh Bonneville just revealed that he is volunteering as a marshall at a Coronavirus vaccination center!

The 57-year-old actor – who was vaccinated back in January – is a volunteer at a center near his home in Midhurst, West Sussex.

“I get to wear a high-vis and be very bossy and go: ‘Oi!’,” he said in a video with BBC. “No, it’s just to welcome people – as I’m about to do. ‘Good morning sir, welcome.’”

“For some people, it’s the first time they’ve been out of their house in, you know, a year,” he added. “We’ve had people who’ve been grateful for the outing as much as anything and this sense of a glimmer of hope, so it’s great to be part of this team effort.”

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