Dove Cameron Knows The Responsibility of Taking On An Iconic Character With ‘Clueless: The Musical’

Dove Cameron is opening up about hitting the stage as Cher in Clueless: The Musical.

The 22-year-old actress revealed in a new video interview that she’s aware of the immense responsibility of playing an iconic character.

“It’s a very interesting process to take such an iconic character and bring her to life in a different way,” she says. “I was very aware of the responsibility of taking on such an iconic character. Obviously, I’m a huge fan and you’re going to get the fans that say ‘we don’t want it to be touched’.”

“The good thing about doing a musical is that your film won’t be touched (laughs). It’s entirely different.”

“I think that anyone who comes to see the show, who hasn’t seen the film, this show stands on its’ own,” Dove adds. “It’s an incredible show.”

Check out her full interview below!

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