Donald Trump’s Future Plans Revealed – Nicki Swift

As Donald Trump ends his term as President of the United States, many of his most loyal supporters (and haters) are looking to see where his time in politics will take him.

Typically as a president leaves office, the first family heads off on a vacation of sorts before setting up their post-presidential plans and deciding what might be next. President Obama left office in January 2017 and has since written a new memoir, and began a production company called Higher Ground, according to Indie Wire.

When President Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol just a few short weeks before the end of the former president’s term, believing the allegation of election fraud and a stolen election perpetuated by President Trump himself, some wondered how a transition of power would follow through. The event led to many Republicans condemning the violence on the Capitol and seemingly breaking from their loyalty of the former president.

Social media cracked down on Trump, removing the 45th president from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest (yes… Pinterest). 

So what’s next for President Trump? With no social media and many Republican leaders severing their ties, where does the former president go?

Donald Trump is looking to start his own political party

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, former president Donald Trump is in talks to possibly begin his own political party following his first term.

Despite other former presidents trailing off into retirement or writing memoirs or to continuing their legacy through organizations, the former president hopes to keep his movement alive in politics. Being cut off from reaching his supporters via social media, the former president faces challenging years ahead keeping the fire in his base.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources say a new political party is the ticket Trump is considering, breaking away from the GOP. The report details that former White House aides revealed the new party will be titled the “Patriot Party.”

Developing a political party would require not only Trump’s base to remain loyal, but some pretty heavy financial backing. With a second impeachment still hovering over the former president’s head, that backing maybe be further away than he thinks.

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