David Beckham pokes fun at wife Victoria and compares her feet to pricey seafood delicacy

David Beckham embarrassed wife Victoria by posting a photo of her feet

Victoria Beckham might have been feeling the embarrassment after David made a less than complimentary reference to her feet 

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David Beckham, 47, and ex-Spice Girl wife Victoria, 48, are renowned for their mischievous videos detailing life as one of the UK’s most famous couples.

However this time David posted a close-up of his wife’s toes, making a comparison to percebes, or goose barnacles as they are known in Britain.

Percebes might have a reputation as the most expensive seafood in the world, but it’s not known for its beauty, as David’s Instagram photo demonstrates.

The fashion entrepreneur has admitted in the past to having trouble with her feet due to years of squeezing them into uncompromisingly high six-inch stilettos.

Victoria may not have appreciated the reference, delivered to David’s 74.7 million followers, but she has form for embarrassing the family on social media too.

Hours earlier, she had posted video footage of her husband doing the “worm” in his pyjamas outside, prompting their teenage son Romeo to groan and demand that she changed her caption.

Victoria Beckham’s toes were shown to almost 75 million followers

David Beckham wasn’t holding back or sparing Victoria’s blushes when he posted a close-up of his wife’s toes and compared them to a seafood dish

David and Victoria Beckham sharing a kiss

Although the pair regularly embarrass each other with candid Instagram posts, they are still very much in love, as this photo of Victoria planting a kiss on his cheek at a dinner demonstrates

Victoria Beckham also has form for embarrassing David

David Beckham’s embarrassing moments have also been revealed to the world after Victoria posted video footage of her other half “doing the worm”, much to son Romeo’s embarrassment

David Beckham unveils an eyebrow-raising outfit

David Beckham proved today that he wasn’t afraid to embarrass himself either when he voluntarily posted a photo of himself in what looked like pastel green pyjamas

David and Victoria Beckham in a more glamorous guise

David Beckham took wife Victoria on a train journey earlier this month, which saw the pair looking a lot more glammed up than in their jokey Instagram posts

David Beckham with daughter Harper in Venice

David Beckham has been posting from his holiday locations with daughter Harper, who went with him to Venice, Italy and Croatia this year

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