Danielle Lloyd ‘rooting for Coleen’ in Wagatha trial after her name was brought up in court

Danielle Lloyd has spoken of her support for Coleen Rooney after the £3million Wagatha Christie libel trial drew to a close.

The former glamour model's name was brought up during the seven-day trial earlier this week when Rebekah Vardy admitted that a text message she had sent her then-agent Caroline Watt calling someone a "nasty b****" was about her and not about Coleen.

And speaking of the snub for the first time, 38 year old Danielle appeared on Talk TV on Thursday to admit it had been "heartbreaking" to hear herself referenced during the trial.

"It's honestly it really upset me and, you know, it's brought back very bad memories. One of the text messages was talking about a miscarriage that I'd had in the past," she said.

Danielle continued: "And I was really, really distraught at the time, and obviously for that to be brought up again, it's just been heartbreaking for me."

She added that she didn't think there would be any winners during the trial due to their eye-watering legal fees.

"I think in the grand scheme of things, I don't think there are going to be any winners because they're going to be out of pocket, you know, financially, both of them," Danielle said.

"And I don't think we will actually ever get to the bottom of who actually leaked those stories."

However, Danielle ensured to make it known where her support lay, adding: "So whatever the outcome, obviously, hopefully, both girls can just get on with their lives, but obviously I am rooting for Coleen."

On Wednesday 11 May, Coleen's lawyer David Sherborne read messages between Rebekah and her then-agent Caroline Watt.

On the stand, Rebekah denied the reference to a "nasty b****" in one WhatsApp message was aimed at Coleen.

"I think it was Danielle Lloyd," she told the court.

In a message exchange with Caroline disclosed during the hearing, Rebekah wrote: "I have taken a big dislike to her. She thinks she's amazing. Would love to leak those stories".

"You have just told this court you did not leak any stories about Danielle Lloyd?" Mr Sherborne said. "I haven't," Rebekah replied.

She described the "stories" she referred to as "gossip and speculation" and denied leaking any information about model and TV personality Danielle.

Rebekah said messages she sent to Caroline about a "pregnant girl" on 6 August 2019 were about Danielle.

"She has gone and done it now – leak the Maldives stuff," Rebekah said in one of the messages to Caroline, the court heard. That was a reference to a magazine article on Danielle "talking about her Maldives honeymoon and her unfortunate miscarriage," Rebekah claimed.

She denied it was an instruction to Caroline, insisting it was a typo. She said she had worded her message "badly" and that the word "leak" wasn't the "right word" and was a typo that should have said "leaked" as it was a case of "Danielle giving information and a story to press about herself."

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