Dan Walker: ‘Very important’ BBC star’s cheeky underwear remark amid Boris Johnson win

The BBC star is an avid user of Twitter and following his show on Tuesday, one of his followers made a passing comment concerning the recent Tory leadership election. Boris Johnson was announced on Tuesday as the next Prime Minister of the UK following his win over Jeremy Hunt. Quoting the presenter, one of his 572,000 followers tweeted to Dan reminding him of one his earlier comments.

Earlier in the day, Dan had spoken of how he would “sort out” his pant and sock drawer if he were to be elected as the next Prime Minister.

Following the cheeky comment, Dan responded in a similar fashion.

Dan said: “Very important business.”

Adding to the cheekiness of his tweet, Dan also accompanied it with a bikini emoji.

Recently Dan and his co-presenter Louise Minchin quizzed their colleague Steph McGovern over her recent pregnancy announcement.

Despite trying to talk about her usual business reports but was cut off by her two colleagues.

Following their chat to Carol Kirkwood, Louise asked Steph: “Steph’s here.

“How are you doing in the heat?

“It’s making such a difference.

“Do you know what?

“To begin with the noise was annoying me, but now I find I get to sleep much more easily, so I’m alright at the minute so I’ve been prepared for some time.”

Remembering her own experience of childbirth, Louise revealed one trick.

She added: “I remember when I was very heavily pregnant during a heatwave like this and I just had a bucket of water by the bed and every now and then I would just put my feet in a bucket of water.”

Dan added: “Our sleep expert was saying, get your feet cold and it regulates your temperature.”

Steph, however, wasn’t so sure: “I don’t like to have my feet out though!

“I always think someone is going to come and get them!”

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