Courteney Cox reveals that she didn’t lose her virginity until 21

Courteney Cox was on James Corden’s The Late Late Show Wednesday night. Nick Kroll was also on the show, talking about the Valentine episode of his Big Mouth show, which deals with puberty and curiosity about sex. This led to a PG-13 discussion about how prepared both Courtney and Nick were for their sexual awakening. Courteney saidher parents hadn’t talked to her at all about it but when the time finally came, her mother outfitted her for the big occasion.

(Big Mouth) deals with that sort of awkward age of puberty and learning about sex and all those things. Courteney, were your parents, were they comfortable talking about sex and these changes when you were home?
No, I didn’t learn anything, my mom never talked to me about – one thing that I should’ve known. I shouldn’t probably say this, but I will. I was a virgin until I was 21. I think we can be proud of that. But I dated the guy for a long time and my mom was like, ‘okay, I think she’s going to be with him for a while,’ and she sent me a pair of underwear to try to, you know, womanhood. And they were called Olga, and I swear, the lace was about three and a half, four inches, and then the cotton part. But they were so much better than the ones I was wearing, so I was really backwards when it came to that. But, you know. Get that Coco?

I don’t often discuss how old I was when I lost my V-card because I wasn’t “legal” in my state. He was the same age, it was consensual, and I’m not embarrassed at all, but people hold very strong opinions on others sexual choices, so I leave it be in certain company. But I don’t hold opinions on when others lost it so yes, I think Courteney can be proud of her making it to 21. What I love is that Courteney’s mom’s contribution was not discussion, but lingerie. Like, let’s analyze those priorities. But I also love that Courteney admitted that the panties her mom sent were better than anything she owned so, well done mom!

If you watch the video, Nick said his folks were “supportive” but doesn’t address if they discussed sex or puberty with him. He had three older siblings so I’m sure the subject came up. It’s important to me that sex is discussed openly in our house. When my kids were young, they’d ask about a word they’d heard and I’d preface it by saying, “it has to do with sex, do you want to know?” and they’d decide if they were comfortable. Now it seems like they bring the majority of their questions to us, including a lot of “is this normal” puberty-related instances and currently, some questions about their sexual preferences without anyone feeling uncomfortable. This gives me some confidence that when they start thinking about actually having sex, we can delve into emotional readiness and protection.

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