Country singer Cady Groves dead aged 30 from 'natural causes'

Country singer Cady Groves dead aged 30 from ‘natural causes’ just weeks after paying tribute to late brother

Country singer Cady Groves sadly died on Saturday at the age of 30 from ‘natural causes’ after battling health problems earlier in the year.

Her brother Cody tweeted the news on Sunday writing: ‘@cadygroves has left this world. Details are limited right now but family is trying to get them and will keep people updated.

‘Rest In Peace little sis. Hope you’re reunited with @kellydgroves and Casey.’ 

Sad loss: Country singer Cady Groves has died aged 30 from ‘natural causes’ just a month after paying tribute to her late brother Kelly (pictured in 2012) 

Cady and Cody had already lost their brothers, Casey and Kelly, who died in 2007 and 2014 respectively, both aged 28 at the time of their deaths.

Cody later clarified on social media: ‘I hate that I even have to do this, but apparently the world and internet is a cluster of twisted misinformation.

‘In my original post I had stated we had no information to try and prevent that, but to expel rumors I will provide an update. The medical examiner has completed autopsy and there was no indication of foul play or self harm. Simply put, Cady Groves died of natural causes.

She has left this world: Her brother Cody shared the sad news on Twitter on Sunday

Love: He shared a couple of pictures of himself with his beloved sister 

What happened: Cody gave further clarification into his sister’s death on Twitter 

‘She had some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete is that they had resurfaced. Please respect her name and family before sharing information that did not come directly from here.’

Cody also said that his sister had been ‘really looking forward to the next few months and the release of her new album.’ 

He added: ‘Our latest in depth conversation (since most were witty banter) was her sending me songs to critique and give feedback on.’

Loss: Cady has paid tribute to her late brother Kelly, who had been murdered six years before, just weeks before her own death

Close bond: She had written about feeling her brother’s presence in her room but said that she wasn’t scared

The Nashville musician, who was most famous for her hit, This Little Girl, had herself paid tribute to their brother Kelly just a month ago on Instagram after he had been murdered six years before.

She had posted a picture of them together back in March and written: ‘This starts feeling redundant at this point now. But dammit Kel you were just so great. And losing you 6 years ago about killed me in every single way.

‘Then I made it what I live for. And I’ve dreamt of you every single day for the past week and at one point I felt your presence so much that I woke up at 4am and shyly said “kelly..” and then everything got cold in the room and I felt a breeze over me but I wasn’t scared.

Honest: Less than a month ago, Cady has shared this post and written about battling mental health issues amid the coronavirus 

Last post: She had shared a video about how she was getting through quarantine on April 23 

‘Cause it was the closest I felt to my best friend in a long time. Love you big bro. 6 years ago today…you really broke my heart at the right time. Thank you for all the laughs.’

Less than a month ago, Cady had written about battling with her mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

She had written: ‘Week..6? Haven’t left my house but about 3 times and that was just to drive around in my car so I wouldn’t go insane. 

‘I don’t have a television, so I’ve had to REALLY just be alone with myself and my thoughts and fears and anxiety in my bedroom without anybody here in Nashville. 

‘Some days my mental health is AWFUL. I feel completely alone and scared and far from everyone I love and all I can do is keep myself busy and push through. 

‘Some days are better. I know that the way I feel isn’t special because we are ALL living through this separately, but together. 

‘It’s okay to be scared and to have days where you just cry and wear your hair in a bun and don’t change out of your pajamas. But it’s also okay to take it day by day-like I did today-and have hope. My heart is with you all. ❤️’

Pain: Cady had written about missing her mother over Easter due to the coronavirus 











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