Chuck Liddell Shoots Down Potential Fight With Jake Paul, I'd Hurt Him

Sorry, fight fans … Chuck Liddell says there will be no upcoming boxing match with Jake Paul — the UFC legend tells TMZ Sports he’d HURT the YouTuber if a scrap ever went down.

Liddell told us out in L.A. that even though the two have beefed publicly over the past couple weeks … it just makes no sense for Jake to box him, even at Chuck’s current age.

“He’s not good enough to fight me,” the 51-year-old said of the 24-year-old.

“It just doesn’t make sense for him. None of it makes sense for this guy. He’s going to risk getting hurt like that?!”

If you’re wondering why it’s even being rumored … it’s ’cause the two went after each other on social media following Jake’s huge win over Ben Askren.

A fan on Twitter asked Chuck to shut Jake up … and Liddell responded, “I’m ready anytime for that clown.”

Paul fired back a short time later, posting a pic of the two after the Askren fight and saying, “This guy Chuck Liddell begged me for a pic after my fight and now is talking s*** on Twitter.”

But, check out the clip … Liddell, who by the way denied asking to take the pic with Paul, said he’s content staying away from the ring and possibly injuring Jake — for now.

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