Christina Haack Brings out All the Organization Lovers After Sharing How She Keeps Everything in Order

Christina Haack has to be extremely organized to manage her hectic life filming Christina on the Coast and working on her personal projects. The HGTV star recently shared a photo of how she keeps her home nice and tidy with everything in order. Haack’s post brought out all the organization lovers that shared their own experiences.

Christina Haack’s fans shared their love for organization

Haack is an interior designer.

“I love organization cupboards drawers etc. We don’t have all the storage containers here like you have in the US,” a fan replied.

“Love organization. Everything has a place. So after use, it gets put back and when you need it again you know exactly where to find it,” a follower added.

“This organization is awesome! I need this!!” an Instagram user said.

“Having things organized makes things so much easier to find. Organized my spice cabinet and I love it. The individual racks, I labeled and put the spices in the way my family cooks and the way I bake and it perfectly organized,” another fan commented.

“Love how organized everything is,” another follower added.

“That pantry would bring me so much joy!!!” another Instagram user mentioned.
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