Chris Martin only eats one meal a day and never eats after 4 pm

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were together for more than a decade. If anything, they seem to get along better post-divorce than they ever did during their marriage. During their marriage, I think Gwyneth was often bored, unfulfilled and unhappy, which led her to delve even further into her crazy dieting, disordered eating and “cleanses.” People always assumed that Chris stayed out of it and that he had a “normal” relationship with food. But what if that was never the case? What if Chris has terrible views on food and healthy eating too? I ask because Chris Martin just revealed that he only eats one meal a day. Sigh.

Chris Martin has revealed that he no longer eats dinner so he can look as good as Bruce Springsteen, who does the same. The Coldplay frontman said he noticed Springsteen, 73, was “more in shape” than him when they met up for lunch in Philadelphia last year. During the meal, Patti Scialfa, Springsteen’s wife, revealed that The Boss eats only one meal a day to maintain his lean physique.

Martin, 46, made the admission while speaking to Conan O’Brien for his comedy podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend. Asked by O’Brien what advice he had been given by fellow musicians over dinner or while socialising, Martin replied: “Funnily enough, I don’t actually have dinner any more. I stop eating at four [pm], and I learned that from having lunch with Bruce Springsteen.”

He went on to relate the anecdote, telling O’Brien: “I was lucky enough to go over there to lunch the day after we played Philadelphia last year. I was on a really strict diet anyway. But I was like, ‘Bruce looks even more in shape than me.’”

He added: “And Patti said ‘oh he’s only eating one meal a day’. So I was like, ‘Well, there we go. That’s my next challenge’.”

The British music star did not disclose what his regular meal consists of, but joked that Springsteen’s was “flank of buffalo with a steroid sauce”.

[From The Telegraph]

First of all, my radar pinged when Martin said “I was on a really strict diet anyway.” It’s possible he meant that he was on a strict diet because he was touring, and he needed to keep his energy up while not overconsuming. But yeah… a man in his 40s shouldn’t be on the same “diet” as a man in his 70s. I get that Bruce is in good shape, but he’s also not a f–king nutritionist and God knows what his meals actually look like. Now, one of the best ways to “diet” is to eat an early dinner and/or not eat anything past a certain time, like “no eating after 6 pm.” But to not eat anything between 4pm and noon the next day? Stupid. Bad for your body. Disordered. Paltrow-esque. I’m sure Gwyneth looooved it when Chris told her his new thing. She was probably like, “what do you eat for the one meal, bone broth??”

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