Chloe Sevigny Secretly Married Sinisa Mackovic One Year Ago Today!

Surprise! Chloe Sevigny secretly got married last year to Sinisa Mackovic!

The 46-year-old actress announced that she got married exactly one year ago today. Congratulations!

“Married on a Monday March 9th 2020 Happy one year anniversary my love,” Chloe posted on her Instagram account along with a photo that is from their wedding at City Hall in New York City.

A few months later on May 2, 2020, Chloe and Sinisa welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. Check out his name and first photo if you missed it!

Chloe actually revealed that she wanted to have a baby girl, but one young male actor made her realize what it would be like to have a son.

Congratulations to Chloe on Sinisa on their secret wedding and their one year anniversary!

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