Chloe Ferry accused of Photoshop fail by fans as she proudly shows off ‘bangs and booty’

Chloe Ferry was accused of photoshopping by fans again after posting a photo of herself on Tuesday.

The image shared on Instagram showed the 26 year old with her back turned wearing a bright blue T-shirt and a pair of matching cycling shorts that showed off her noticeably shapely bum.

Flashing a smile simultaneously at the camera, Chloe simply captioned the snap: “Bangs and booty”.

Followers immediately suspected that the photo had been edited as one person wrote in the comment section: “She looks so good already. Why photoshop her waist? The warp is super obvious and that arm…”

“Still having to exaggerate and photoshopped something that’s been surgically enhanced lol,” a second fan remarked.

Another person questioned: "What is left of you that is real? I pray my kids don’t fall into this culture.”

“That’s a very Strange shape of ass,” someone else said, while another user added: “And a huge forearm from editing your waist.”

Chloe has been embroiled in photoshopping accusations several times as followers have noticed wonky lines and uneven pavements lined up behind her in photos as wells “wonky boxes”, and have called her out for such errors.

The Geordie Shore star recently voiced her irritation at the constant speculation over her photos as she told The Sun: “I said before I literally rate myself on kindness, if people want to get surgery let them get surgery, if people want to photoshop, let them photoshop.

"It comes down to someone being kind, that’s what I rate as pretty in life not someone who criticise what anyone else does.

"People just need to think about why someone is doing that and think about the bigger picture."

While Chloe has been open about her physical alterations through cosmetic surgery and appeared confident in her approach of acknowledging her work done, she confessed she is actually “quite insecure” and the ridicule online doesn’t help her self-esteem.

"You just get criticised and you start believing what people say,” the reality star continued.

“You might look at me and think I’m the most confident person but I’m actually generally not, I’m quite insecure," the brunette beauty said.

"I just turn a blind eye, the only opinions that I really care about is my close friends and family, they mean the most to me."

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