Chicago Mayor Urges Hoopers To Stay Home With Legendary Diss

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has a hilarious — yet, super-effective — way to keep basketball players from hitting the courts during the coronavirus pandemic … giving a heavy dose of reality.

“Your jump shot is always gonna be weak. Stay out of the parks.”

And, as Kelso from “That ’70s Show” would say … BURNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Look, the message is clear — you’re not gonna be Anthony Davis, so why practice your mid-range in the middle of a global emergency!?

As we previously reported … the situation is getting so serious that NYC’s public basketball courts have been shut down during the pandemic … and 51% of rims have been removed from hoops to keep people away.

That’s a pretty effective move, but Mayor Lightfoot solved the whole issue with one tweet.

So … listen to the mayor. You suck. Stay home.

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