Cardi B Reveals She Only Reunited With Offset In Puerto For Sex In Wild Instagram Video

Cardi B admitted that she got back together with Offset in Puerto Rico for purely carnal reasons! Here’s what she had to say on Instagram about their intimate reunion!

Cardi B and Offset‘s reunion in Puerto Rico may not have exactly been the romantic reconciliation once thought. While the two rappers enjoyed some time on a jetski together, were all smiles in each other’s company, and seemed back together based on the fact that Offset even watched Cardi’s set at the Electric Holiday Festival in San Juan, Cardi revealed the real reason she got back with Offset in a racy Instagram live post. “I just had to get f***ed. That’s all,” Cardi admitted. So there you have it — it was a hook-up, no more, no less.

We reported earlier about how Cardi’s team was initially excited about the potential about a full-blown reunion after their Puerto Rican vacation. “Cardi’s inner circle is happy that she has softened towards Offset,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “The hope among Cardi’s team is that this reunion will stick. Everyone knows how much Cardi and Offset love each other, no one wants them to divorce.”

Meanwhile, although their chemistry during their Puerto Rico trip was undeniable, their future together is up still extremely uncertain. “Cardi could not stay away from Offset,” another insider told us. “They have undeniable chemistry and she really missed him a lot. Offset has been calling, texting and hitting Cardi up constantly, all day, everyday, begging for her to take him back. She felt bad that he was trying so hard, asking for forgiveness. But things are still very much in limbo. While it feels good for Cardi to be back in his arms, for the holiday with her small family together, Cardi has not made any major decisions to take him back for good.” We’ll keep you posted with all of Cardi and Offset’s latest news. In the meantime, check out all of their recent photos in our gallery above.

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