Cardi B received a huge heart-shaped diamond ring from Offset for her b-day

I think Cardi B is still with Offset for many reasons: they have a child together, she loves him, and because everyone around her pressured her to get back with him. Maybe she’s willing to live with his infidelities. Maybe she honestly thinks that he can change. One thing I’m sure of is that Cardi likes to be showered with love and gifts and support from Offset, and he seems to… do that. He’s effusive. He gives her lots of gifts and supports her career 100% too. So, seeing the “Offset gifted a big diamond ring to Cardi” headlines didn’t shock me. But then I saw the diamond. HOLY CRAP. Here’s the video Cardi posted:

Thank you sooo much babe @offsetyrn I can’t believe it ?Deum @pristine_jewelers ! I’m so happy ❤️Soo grateful

This ring was a birthday present (Cardi turned 27 last Friday) and it’s called the Titanic Diamond. It’s heart-shaped and easily… I would say, maybe 12 carats or more. Keep in mind that Cardi already has an eight-carat engagement ring too. It was made by Pristine Jewelers and while everything is huge and sparkly, the diamond “sits up” too much in that setting and she’s going to be banging that ring into everything. Also, the whole setting is just kind of tacky! But that’s my taste – I think if you’re going to spend the money on a ginomous heart-shaped diamond, you should let the diamond be the star and keep everything else really simple.

Here are some close-up videos of the ring from the jeweler:

The TITANIC Diamond ? @iamcardib @offsetyrn !!!! Another ☝️!!!! When it comes to Glaciers ?? Pristine Jewelers is #1 in the World !!! Happy bday @iamcardib enjoy your new ❤️ ROCK !!!

Photos and video courtesy of Backgrid and Instagram.

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