Cardi B Jumps On Board Remix of Blueface’s Misogynist Anthem “Thotiana”

Cardi B is featured in a new remix of controversial LA rapper Blueface’s surprise hit, “Thotiana.” Whether Cardi signed up for the song as a kind of feminist takeover of a misogynistic anthem to strip clubs, twerking and sex-for-pay, or simply to jump on some of Blueface’s sudden popularity among teens who like a lot of cocky attitude and dirty language in their Soundcloud rap tunes, it is not quite clear.

But what is clear is that the song benefits, at least musically, from Cardi B’s new parts. Even if her lyrics are nearly as silly and basic as Blueface’s.

You can see what you think in the new video with both Blueface and Cardi B below.  

(Image source: Youtube)


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