Cardi B Dodges Charges as Judge Rules She Did Not Mislead Court With Paris Trip

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker wins as the accusations suggesting she misled the court with her recent trip to Europe for Paris Fashion Week are tossed out by a judge.

AceShowbiz -The judge overseeing Cardi B‘s ongoing commercial misappropriation case has tossed allegations she misled the court by taking a trip to France for Paris Fashion Week.

The rapper has defended her recent trip to Europe after abandoning a trial date in New York, insisting it was a COVID-safe work commitment and only took her away from her children for a week. She argued that a Los Angeles trial over claims she used plaintiff Kevin Brophy’s distinctive tattoo on the cover of her debut album would stall her life for at least three weeks and she needed more time to prepare.

U.S. District Court Judge Cormac Carney agreed to postpone the September trial to February 2022.

Brophy, who is suing the “WAP” star for stealing his likeness for the racy mixtape cover art, recently filed new paperwork, calling on lawmakers to sanction Cardi for putting the trip to France ahead of her legal obligations.

The rapper fired back by explaining she had already made plans for the Paris trip to make sure she and her husband, Offset, could travel safely and their three-year-old daughter and newborn son could be looked after by her mother.

“That opportunity was so important and compelling to my career that I could not reasonably turn it down, provided of course that we were able to make adequate provision for the care of our children for the few days my husband and I would be gone,” she said in a statement.

Now Judge Carney has insisted Cardi did nothing wrong, stating, “Travelling to Paris Fashion Week was different than traveling for this trial.”

“Whereas she was able to leave her new-born baby in New York in the care of her mother and a baby nurse for the short trip to Paris, she would not be able to make such arrangements for the lengthy travel required to prepare for and attend the trial in this case.”

It’s still possible that the case might not make it to trial next year – Brophy and Cardi are set to meet at a settlement conference on 1 December (21) to try to avoid the suit going to trial, according to Rolling Stone.

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