BTS’ Jungkook’s New Blue Highlights Have ARMYs Swooning So Hard

To fans’ surprise, BTS’ Jimin isn’t the only one going for blue hair this comeback. Days after Jimin debuted his blue look in the group’s concept photos for Map of the Soul: 7, Jungkook showed off blue highlights in a recent group photo. BTS’ Jungkook’s new blue highlights is making ARMYs swoon over him yet again.

Compared to the rest of BTS’ new looks in the photo, Jungkook’s new hair color is a small change. RM went from light brown to light purple, Jimin from blonde to blue, J-Hope from medium brown to ash blonde, and Suga from bright blonde to silver. Meanwhile, Jin and V are rocking black hair, and Jungkook black hair with blue highlights.

As fans know from Jungkook’s hair evolution, he often makes small changes to his hair style every comeback that are all about the details. Sometimes, he’ll part his hair in different ways or prefer bangs, while, at other times, he’ll dye his hair slightly lighter or darker. It’s rare for Jungkook to dye his hair a totally bright color, and that’s why fans appreciate any small changes to his appearance, like his new highlights.

The new photo comes from a Rolling Stone article, announcing BTS will appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, Feb. 24 for a special takeover episode. As part of the episode, Fallon will do an extended interview with the group, featuring questions sent in by fans, perform a brand-new song off Map of the Soul: 7, and go on a tour with Fallon to visit New York City’s landmarks. "We wanted to do something special for BTS and, at the same time, celebrate New York City," Fallon said in a press release. "BTS really knocked it out of the park. You’re not going to believe how big and fun their performance is — they took over Grand Central Terminal."

Fans are excited to see it all go down, and, judging from their tweets, they’re equally as excited to see Jungkook perform with his blue highlights.

BTS’ Tonight Show episode will be a huge event and ARMYs won’t want to miss it when it airs on TV next week.

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