Brooklyn Beckham’s baffling cooking show news after denying being chef

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz get married in Miami in April

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The son of superstars David and Victoria Beckham has dabbled in a few career paths, including unsuccessfully trying to follow his dad’s footsteps into football. The 23-year-old’s latest calling is cooking, a passion he struck up during lockdown, and the star is now reportedly working on a new docuseries. 

After his Facebook series, Cookin’ With Brooklyn received a great amount of attention, the star is now moving onto the big leagues. 

Brooklyn’s eight-part series saw a range of guest chefs appearing in his kitchen. 

Now, the new series will reportedly see Brooklyn going into professional kitchens at established restaurants. 

Although details on the new series are scant, Bustle suggested the inspiration for the show is the backlash his Facebook series had received. 

The most stand-out piece of controversy from Cookin’ With Bekcham arose when reports of its budget came to light. 

One episode reportedly cost $100,000 (£84,000) to make, with a crew of 62 people supporting Brooklyn on each episode of the show. 

Others also took issue with the show’s popularity, saying that Brooklyn was pulling focus from other aspiring chefs as he appeared on talk shows to promote his series.  

However, the star has since defended himself, noting he has “never” claimed to be a professional chef and “never would”. 

Talking to Bustle, the youngster explained that unlike his dad, he is unsure of what to pursue as a career. 

He said: “Obviously, my dad knew what he was doing at a very young age. 

“It’s okay to be 25, 26, or even 30 and not know what you’re doing yet. You know what I mean?

“I’ve only been doing cooking for not even three years.”

The star seemed to have a reflective moment as he noted he is now the same age his parents were when he was born. 

The footballer and former Spice Girl first met in 1997 and got engaged just a year later. 

Brooklyn was born in March 1999 and four months later, David and Victoria got married. 

Brooklyn said: “I’ve always wanted to get married young, I’ve always wanted to have kids young—to grow up with my kids when I’m still young.”

While the star has succeeded in half of his goal, having married his actress wife Nicola Peltz in an extravagant US ceremony earlier this year. 

However, he believes Nicola “needs a little bit more time” to work before starting a family with him, but he is “ready” whenever she is. 

Brooklyn has been diligently sharing new recipes, methods, and ideas with his social media followers while he works on the new series. 

Viewers have been somewhat cynical of Brookyn’s recipe choices, and claim his online success is just a result of nepotism. 

In August he appeared, alongside his wife, in an Instagram Live, addressing the criticisms himself.

Brooklyn said: “I just absolutely love cooking and starting from the very bottom and you know, learning, I’m going to be learning every day.”

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