British Instagram Model Rhian Sugden Leaves Little To The Imagination In Sexy Lingerie, Thigh-High Stockings

Standing in a nondescript dressing room in the middle of a boutique somewhere in the world, Rhian Sugden has made yet another attempt to capture the attention and adulation of her sizable audience. The British Instagram model took to the popular social media platform just moments ago — as of the writing of this article — to share a decidedly provocative and sexy image of herself with her fans across the globe.

In this particular Instagram image, Rhian can be seen striking a pose in the doorway of a dressing room. Clad in a seductive two-piece lingerie set, one which features thigh-high stockings, a floral-patterned garter belt, and a barely-there bra. The lacy black fabric of the lingerie set leaves little to the imagination, revealing great expanses of toned musculature and flawless skin in the process. Adopting a slight pout as she looks down at her phone in order to take the steamy selfie, Rhian displays a bit of attitude through her facial expression.

Her tawny tresses are styled somewhat short and severely straight, tumbling down about the nape of her neck and the tops of her shoulders. A matching pair of gloves bearing the same flowery design grace her hands, a fingerless style doubling down on the dangerous and edgy sense of attitude that the model puts forth.

It appears that Rhian Sugden isn’t the only one impressed with her latest Instagram share. Despite having been posted moments ago, her post has already garnered over 2,600 likes in addition to numerous comments.

One user wrote, “Rhian, you’re doing God’s work. Good for the nation’s morale!” while another Instagram fan quipped, “No words needed gorgeous.”

The British beauty has made headlines most recently for a controversial post which she made while visiting a Holocaust memorial in early December. As the Daily Mail reports, Rhian Sugden posted a selfie from the grounds of the memorial, captioning the photo simply, “ET phone home.”

A wave of outrage ensued, and Rhian wasn’t having any of it. Dismissing the complaints of certain social media critics as the voices of a “moaning generation,” the Instagram model was unrepentant for posting a snapshot while sightseeing.

“I’ve got no time for this moaning generation. I’m on holiday. Sightseeing and took a pic. Under no circumstances is this disrespectful. We stuck to the rules. Read the history and took a pic. Why do people moan about everything #compensationgeneration.”

It seems as if Rhian is just as feisty and spirited when off the clock as she while she is working.

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