Brendan Cole’s ex-Strictly partner Victoria Pendleton admits their issues behind scenes

Dancing On Ice: Brendan Cole addresses 'unfair' claims

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Victoria Pendleton, 41, took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2012, just a mere five days after she had competed in the London Olympics. The sports star was partnered with Brendan Cole and has recalled how “clumsy” the pair were together, causing struggles behind-the-scenes.

It was really funny.

Victoria Pendleton

The couple made it to week eight of the show, before being eliminated for their rendition of the Salsa.

Speaking to about the experience, she said: “Honestly, the pair of us were just really clumsy.

“It was really funny, just always tripping over or slipping over.

“During the Quickstep I had to run up a couple of stairs and I fell down at the last minute on some cases that were part of the stage set.

She continued: “In rehearsals Brendan hit on my skirt and I tripped on the stairs, but in the performance, he tripped over at the last minute, and then pretended it didn’t happen.

“We just smiled and tried to ignore it. We were both just having trouble with stairs that day.

“I had a big bruise on my shin from tripping over my own skirt, but it was funny that Brendan then did it.

“I kept telling them to make my dresses smaller as I was only small and short and I can’t walk in them.”

Victoria has represented Great Britain and England internationally in cycling, winning many titles.

She won nine world titles, including a record six in the individual sprint, dominating the event between 2005 and 2012.

In 2008, she won the sprint in the Beijing Olympics, and in 2012, she won the gold medal in the keirin at the London Olympics, as well as silver in the sprint.

She took part in Strictly, just five days after she competed in the London Olympics.

Victoria admitted of the experience: “I found it absolutely exhausting.

“I started training for Strictly I think five days after the Olympics had finished in 2012.

“I was emotionally, physically, mentally, exhausted. I didn’t honestly know where I was going or what I was doing or who I was anymore.

“It had been such a whirlwind of 12 months.”

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