Bravo’s Steve Gold: Cyberbullies Are Trying to ‘Destroy’ My Relationship

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“There’s always people with negativity and they just like to spread it through social media because they have a shield of anonymity,” the 34-year-old luxury real estate broker, who first met Gawlowska, 26, in August, told Us Weekly exclusively. “I chose to go on TV and show my life — that was my decision. I understood what that meant for my life. People are going to comment on me, how I look, this or that, good, bad — I know it just comes with the territory.”

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The Bravo star, who recalled that some of the most hurtful comments have been directed at the couple’s physical appearance and age difference, says he now feels less comfortable posting details of his relationship on social media. 

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For her part, the London native added that while the twosome receive plenty of support from fans, it’s hard to ignore the haters. “It’s like when you hear, like, 100 good things, and three bad ones, you always remember the bad ones, even though it was just three times.”

She continued: “I always wanted to be private and I thought there would be no need to change it ever, even if I would be with Steve. But obviously people are very curious. Sometimes I’m just shocked that people can [comment], because they don’t even know me.” 

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