Billy Connolly reassured by Prince William over ‘funny legs’

Billy Connolly jokes about getting his knighthood

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Billy Connolly, 80, looked back on when he received his knighthood back in 2017, and how Prince William made him feel at ease when he was worried about his “funny” legs on the big day. The veteran comedian was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2013, and retired from live performances five years later.

I didn’t quite trust them

Billy Connolly

The Scottish legend received the honour for services to entertainment and charity, admitting it had offered him the “full stop” he needed to make the decision to wave goodbye to his stand-up career.

During a chat on one of his Facebook Q&A’s, when asked who awarded him his knighthood, Billy struggled to remember at first.

“William gave me it,” he exclaimed when it came back to him.

“He was wearing the Royal Airforce uniform!”

He described the Duke of Cambridge as a “lovely guy”, before recalling how he reassured him over his legs.

“It was lovely, I was very nervous because my legs were funny that day,” he explained.

“I didn’t quite trust them and you have to kneel with one knee up and one knee down, like taking the knee.

“I was frightened I would fall and he made me feel [great].”

Billy chuckled as he remembered William had said to him that he thought he already had a knighthood.

“I said, ‘Oh, I turned it down a few times…'” he grinned before adding: “Just kidding!”

“It never dawned on me to turn it down.

“I’ve lain in bed a lot and thought about it and the mood it was given in, and the mood it was received in was the same.”

He said: “It was given for the same reasons that it was accepted, and I’ve got no problem with it.”

Despite being ever grateful for the prestigious award, the comic admitted he never uses his full title for anything.

“I’ve never used it!” he bellowed.

“I don’t sign my name with it or anything, and people in America don’t know I’ve got it so I don’t care!”

As his full name was read aloud, Billy laughed as he revealed his friends like to introduce him to people using the title.

“People seem to get great joy out of saying it,” he smiled.

“They introduce me to people; ‘This is Sir Billy Connolly.’

“And I do a little curtsy!”

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