Billionaire Finally Buys Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedophile Island' – You Won't BELIEVE What He's Doing With It!

We wondered what it would take for someone to buy a piece of real estate that’s become known internationally as “Pedophile Island.” As it turns out, when you make land cheap enough, even the most horrific nickname — and history — can’t sour the deal.

Over a year after Jeffrey Epstein‘s pair of private islands, Little Saint James and Great Saint James, first went on sale, someone is now willing to swim right up to the controversy in exchange for an amazing deal on white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. The property, a combined 160 acres, originally went on the market for $125 million. But as the months wore on the price just kept dropping as, understandably, no one wanted their name forever associated with underage sex trafficking.

Finally the price was right for one lucky (??) billionaire in this sort of reverse auction. A man named Stephen Deckoff has purchased the islands for just $60 million — less than half the original asking price! Luckily a significant portion of the sale proceeds will go toward paying the $105 million sex trafficking lawsuit settlement to victims. Unfortunately the price drop means it won’t exactly cover it… But who is the buyer??

Deckoff is the co-founder of a private equity firm called Black Diamond Capital Management. He has an estimated net worth of $3 billion — wildly impressive considering he’s described by Forbes as “self-made.” Then again, that term is used rather loosely by folks who inherit a lot of wealth…

Anyway, so what does the 57-year-old plan to do with his own private “Pedophile Island”? We mean… rebranding has to be his number one priority surely! Even a billionaire who isn’t very famous doesn’t want to be associated with Epstein and what went on at his horrific paradise. Aside from his personal life, it’s gotta be bad for business. We mean, public perception matters in finance, right?

Well, that’s just it… he’s opening the island to the public! Kind of. Deckoff plans to turn the two islands into a luxury resort! He told The Financial Times:

“I’ve been proud to call the US Virgin Islands home for more than a decade and am tremendously pleased to be able to bring the area a world-class destination befitting its natural grace and beauty.”

Starting as early as 2025, for what we assume will be extraordinarily high prices, anyone will be able to book one of 25 rooms on… once again… “Pedophile Island.” Oof. Will other folks really be able to ignore the controversy and just enjoy the sunshine and swimming?

As for Deckoff, he’s trying to keep his distance from Epstein, stating he never met the billionaire sex criminal NOR ever set foot on the islands before the sale. And yet… he also isn’t planning on demolishing the compound where Epstein and others allegedly abused underage girls. He plans to convert what has been called a “sex-trafficking palace” into the hotel. Saving a lot of money, sure, but it really will be just opening the EXACT rooms to the public, won’t it? BIG ICK!

Has Deckoff made a huge financial blunder thinking he can get people to visit? Or is he right in thinking people will forget about the atrocities and focus on the warm air?

How about it, Perezcious readers? Would YOU stay at “Pedophile Island”??

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