Backstreet Boys Open Up About What Inspired Their Reunion

While the Backstreet Boys have become the best-selling boy band of all time, over the years they have gone through trials and tribulations that have made them the family they are today, according to a report of Entertainment Tonight.

The boy band is celebrating 25 years since their formation as well as the forthcoming release of DNA, their first album in five years which will be released on January 25. As part of their commemoration, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell sat down for an interview where they addressed the personal struggles they dealt with, the highs and lows during the band’s heyday, and how the breakup of the Backstreet Boys eventually brought them closer together.

In a video that was posted to the Backstreet Boys’ YouTube page on Wednesday, Mclean said, “Twenty-five years, that’s huge. There is still so much left that we haven’t accomplished, that we haven’t done. To be able to have this, second chance, we need to know what each person’s breaking point is, which I think we know now.”

Upon their formation in 1993, the Backstreet Boys became one of the biggest music groups in the world by the late 90s as they churned out albums regularly and constantly toured without taking time off. While the members appeared on top of the world at the time, during their most successful period the band dealt with a heart condition, surgery, the death of family members, and a drug addiction.

Richarson described the difficulty as he said, “All of our dreams were coming true and we were all trippin’ out inside, and instead of coming closer and closer, entire together, we almost retreated from one another to get that space. And our bond wasn’t as tight in those moments as it could’ve been.”

Richardson left the group n 2006 after the group released their sixth studio album to dedicate himself to other interests in his life. When he rejoined in 2012, the music industry had shifted and pop music wasn’t the same.

Dorough described the time they spent apart, saying, “We had to go away from each other to once again find that individuality. That had to happen to create that group that we are to come back to each other.”

Carter also referenced his failed solo career as one of his life’s most humbling moments, giving him the revelation that by “rebelling” against his group mates he had actually become closer to them than his actual family.

The Backstreet Boys are experiencing their most success in years, with a residency in Las Vegas, hit single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” their first GRAMMY nomination in 17 years, a new album, and a world tour that kicks off in May 2019.

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