Ayesha Curry Shares Sweet Shot Of Riley, 6, Looking All Grown Up — See Mother/Daughter Pic

Where does the time go? Steph and Ayesha Curry’s eldest is growing up so fast. See Riley’s latest pic with her mom here!

Riley Curry, 6, isn’t so little anymore! Steph and Ayesha Curry‘s oldest daughter is a big sister to Ryan, 3, and Canon, 6 months, and she’s looking the part. In her most recent pic, Riley delivered all the six-year-old sass. With sunglasses like her mom’s, plus duck lips and a peace sign, she was as adorable as could be. “Mama, Riley and Rosie the Narwhal,” Ayesha captioned the sweet mother/daughter pic. “That 6 yr old swag… Lord help me.” It’s no secret Riley has tons of personality — it’s why she made headlines at her dad’s games back when she was just a baby.

Recall Riley would steal the show time and time again, sitting on Steph’s lap during From yawning and pretending to sleep and sticking out her tongue to quoting Drake in the microphone and giggling adorably, the little one was constantly upstaging her dad. She hasn’t lost any of that “swag,” according to her mom, even as Steph and Ayesha’s brood has grown to include three more little ones. It definitely helps that she has such awesome parents at home, making her feel special and loved. Just take a look at what Steph said about raising his baby girls in an August essay.

“I want our girls to grow up knowing that there are no boundaries that can be placed on their futures, period,” he wrote. “I want them to grow up in a world where their gender does not feel like a rulebook for what they should think, or be, or do. And I want them to grow up believing that they can dream big, and strive for careers where they’ll be treated fairly. And of course: paid equally.”

Amazing! We can’t wait to keep watching the little one grow up. In a recent video Ayesha put it perfectly when she said, “She’s getting so big y’all. I hope she’ll always love being silly with me. My big girl.”

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