Ashley Roberts dishes on pal Amanda Holden from ‘morning giggles’ to family days out

After celebrating her milestone 40th birthday last year, Ashley Roberts says that this decade of her life is “just the beginning” – and she’s loving every minute of it.

“I feel like I’m just getting started,” she tells us. “I like that as a woman in my 40s, I haven’t settled and I’ve just been living a very full life. I’m excited about my 40s – they are fun. It’s an exciting time.”

The Pussycat Doll, 41, is certainly thriving. As well as being busy working on Heart Breakfast as showbiz reporter alongside hosts Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, Ashley is launching her brand new partywear collection with Quiz clothing.

“For me, clothes are a way to express myself and my femininity,” she explains. “There’s some fun pieces if you’re feeling sassy that day, or there’s stuff that’s a bit more covered up if you’d like to be, too.”

Ashley admits that her style has changed over the years, and she often looks back on her PCD days and her fashion faux pas.

Here, Ashley also opens up to OK! about her friendship with co-host Amanda, her fitness regime and her love for the UK…

Hi Ashley! You turned 40 last year. How are you finding your 40s so far?

I’m really enjoying my 40s. I was nervous in the build up to the actual date. I was like, “Oh my God, does this mean I need to be grown up?!” And then once it happened, I felt so liberated. My 40s are almost just the beginning. I feel like I’m just getting started! It’s an exciting time. I like that as a woman in my 40s, I haven’t settled and I’ve just been living a very full life. I’m excited about my 40s. They are fun!

Do you think you care less as you get older?

I think there’s a groundedness that comes with age. There’s self awareness and then there’s also that question in the back of your head that’s like, “Does this really matter?” Of course things still come up. Sometimes I’m like, “Maybe I don’t feel that great today.” But I think letting it go happens quicker than it does when you’re younger.

You look amazing – how do you stay active?

It started at a really young age. I grew up dancing and I was really disciplined within that so that gave me the structure to have physical fitness activity in my life. And then my mother was really into aerobics in the 80s – she was a personal trainer. Even now, my mum is 70 years old, and when we hang out we’re going to yoga classes together, or going for walks.

Whenever I go home to Arizona we go on hikes. That’s a part of our connection and it’s also a lifestyle for me. I know that I have to prioritise that because that’s what keeps me feeling good, both physically and mentally. The endorphins get going and your heart is pumping, I feel connected to my body.

What’s your fitness regime?

[I don’t work out] every day. I think it’s nice just to have a balance. I’ll do some HIIT training or weight training with my PT, but then I like to balance it out with some yoga and stretches, and going for walks in nature. It’s about making sure you’re active but also, you don’t want to just hit hardcore cardio all of the time. I also love Kundalini yoga. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years but I’ve been really implementing it into my weekly practice of tools. I think breath work is just fantastic for mental well-being.

Do you still dance?

I still dance, but I would like to do it more than what I do currently. But every now and then yeah, I do throw a little something in there. I was just with some friends the other day in the studio, messing around and having some fun. It’s good to move the body and whip the hair around!

You present the showbiz news on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden – is that good fun?

The great thing is, I know that when I step into that building, I’m with people I’m going to have a laugh with. Every morning we giggle. Sometimes my cheeks are so sore because we’re just laughing so much – on air and off air. That family unit is really special. I didn’t expect that when I started radio. I felt like an imposter! But having them around makes everything much better.

You and Amanda seem to have a close bond. Do you ever go out partying together?

We hang out outside of work. Her husband is amazing and her daughters are so cute. My mum is coming over for Christmas and we’re all going to see a West End show together. We hang out and that’s really nice to have that friendship.

You’ve been in the UK for so long. Do you class the it as home now?

This is absolutely home. What the UK has gifted me with work and community, I never would have expected it, but I’m so grateful for it.

Do you ever miss LA and feel homesick?

I don’t really. I miss my mum and it is nice when I go visit, but I love Europe. It’s more just my mum I miss. And good Mexican food! There are a few spots that are OK, but it’s not quite what we get back at home.

Congratulations on your new collection with Quiz. What can we expect?

We’re into the club, disco, kind of vibe. There’s some fun pieces if you’re feeling sassy that day, or there’s stuff that’s a bit more covered up if you’d like to be. For me, clothes are a way to express myself and my femininity.

How has your style changed over the years?

Definitely. You get inspired by different things and different locations. With age comes more self-awareness and more understanding of your body and what you feel good in. Sometimes I look back at the Dolls days and I think, “OK yeah that was maybe a sexy outfit, but I feel stronger and more confident and sexier now.” Because I know more of what I like on my body.

Have you ever had any fashion disasters?

The crappy thing is there’s Google! It’s not like one of those pictures when you’re out with your friends and you’re like, “Delete it, it’s not cute!” It just exists in the world. There were some moments where we were really going out there with a lot of layers – a lot of layers in the hair extension department, and then there were belts and short leggings with skirts on top.

Maybe we could have removed one or two things. So sometimes I look back at those and I think, “Wow, that was really a moment!”

Ashley Roberts for QUIZ: The Party Collection launches Wednesday 26th October at


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