Ariana Grande ‘Often Near Tears’ During Billboard Interview About Relationships, Music, & Being ‘A

Ariana Grande doesn’t mind that her relationships are media fodder — as long as she gets to sing about them!

After being crowned Billboard’s Woman Of the Year, the Sweetener songstress sat down with the publication and dished on everything from her industry prosperity to her public relationships, and how both can sometimes — if not, often — intersect.

Speaking on the explosive success of her latest single, thank u, next, the 25-year-old explained that the chart-topping song (her first No. 1!) was born out of raw emotion… and lots of champagne. She said:

“ me and my besties tipsy off champagne — and me with a broken heart — just letting it out and having fun. I love this more than any other song I’ve ever put out.”

As you know, the track includes a roll call of the pop starlet’s famous exes, including Big Sean, the late Mac Miller, and her former fiance Pete Davidson.

These high profile romances have made nearly as many headlines as her musical achievements — even more so in the past year — but Ari explained that just comes with the territory of being a musical luminary:

“I don’t really care about being a clickbait feast or a media wet dream. I’m just happy to still be here, really.”

In fact, the Nickelodeon alum has no choice but to date other stars because of the fast paced life she lives. (Who do you expect her to date? A farmer?) She insisted:

“This is how I meet people — I can’t just, like, meet someone at a bar. I live fast and full-out, and I make mistakes, and I learn from them and I’m grateful no matter what happens.”

Not only is Ari grateful for her exes, she respects them. The pint-sized performer revealed that she sent Davidson thank u, next before releasing it, insisting:

“I wasn’t going to blindside anybody.”

A broken engagement is just one of the many tragedies the star has dealt with in a short span of time. She’s coped with the death of her ex boyfriend and fatal Manchester bombing that took place outside her concert in 2017.

While all that suffering has has made the singer stronger, she rarely lives up to her no tears left to cry mantra anymore. At one point, she told the interviewer, who wrote that she was “often near tears” during the chat:

“I just hope you’re OK with me crying, because that’s not going to not happen. I can’t even say ‘Good morning’ to anyone without crying… I guess there’s not much I’m afraid of anymore. When life tries you with such serious sh*t so many times, your priorities change. I don’t give a sh*t. I just want to be happy and healthy — one day — and make music.”

That you will, girl. Ch-ch-check out more highlights from the interview (below)!

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On being underestimated in the recording studio because of her size:

“I’ve politely walked out of sessions before. It has happened. I’m a small girl. People tend to underestimate that. And then I sit down and comp my own vocals and can produce my own session, and they’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you could do that.’ I’m like, ‘Believe it or not, there are plenty of tiny women that can do this.’”

On pushing against executives and audiences that want her to fit into specific stereotypes:

“They’re unable to accept the fact that women are a million things, and not just two. You can be adorable and brilliant. You can be friendly and silly, and yet strong and indestructible. You can be professional and present and also sexual and fun.”

On her dream of putting out music “in the way that a rapper does”:

“I feel like there are certain standards that pop women are held to that men aren’t. We have to do the teaser before the single, then do the single, and wait to do the preorder, and radio has to impact before the video, and we have to do the discount on this day, and all this sh*t. It’s just like, ‘Bruh, I just want to f**king talk to my fans and sing and write music and drop it the way these boys do. Why do they get to make records like that and I don’t?’ So I do and I did and I am, and I will continue to.”

Read the full interview HERE for more!

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