Antonio Brown’s foot photo on Instagram: Frostbite picture reveals gruesome cryotherapy issue

Antonio Brown has shared a shocking foot photo on Instagram — showing the gruesome results of a recent cryotherapy session.

The Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver is dealing with an injury right now, which is reportedly due to him getting frostbite on his feet and serious blisters because he wasn’t wearing special footwear when using the cold-temperature treatment.

So what happened, and when will Antonio Brown be able to play again? 

Antonio Brown’s foot photo making the rounds online

On the first episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the show opened with Antonio Brown’s trainer asking the Raiders star about his feet and how they were feeling.

Brown is shown throughout the episode, sometimes hanging out around the field, and other times trying to participate in plays. He was able to get in some reps, but more recently, reports have indicated that he’s unable to go. But what was the reason for his mysterious injury?

Antonio Brown posted the now widely shared image of his feet on an Instagram Story. It showed off the blisters reportedly sustained during a cryotherapy session. Brown is all smiles in the photo, but his coach Jon Gruden probably isn’t happy with the issue keeping Brown out of training camp.

As mentioned, Brown was able to get some plays in, and those plays have to please his team and the Raiders’ fans. A clip on the Raiders’ YouTube shows Brown getting some receptions in and joking with teammates during the team’s mandatory minicamp.

So far, he seems to be enjoying the team and getting along fine with everyone including quarterback Derek Carr who is hoping to toss him plenty of passes this season.

How did Brown’s foot injury happen?

According to ESPN’s report, Brown received the cryotherapy session while he was in France last month. Upon entering the cryo chamber, he was reportedly not wearing the appropriate footwear that is recommended for the session.

That ended up causing burns to Brown’s feet and hence the apparent frostbite. He’s now getting evaluated and gathering information on how to proceed.

Speculation is already picking up about when Antonio Brown might be able to officially play. There are some rumors that maybe Brown will miss the rest of training camp and preseason, but could be ready in time for the season opener.

It’s also pointed out in the video below that should Brown miss this entire season, the Oakland Raiders don’t have to pay him.

Head coach Jon Gruden addressed the injury concern when asked by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio on Wednesday.

“We need his life in this offense and on this football team,” Gruden said with regards to Brown. “We will just cross our fingers. I will make no speculation whatsoever. He has to get it evaluated. He has to get the information he needs, and when he does, he will be back.”

So far, reports have been circulating that the injury shouldn’t keep him out too long. That’s good news for the Oakland Raiders who finished just 4-12 last season and are banking on Brown to help them achieve more this season.

The Raiders participated in a recent dual training/practice session with the Los Angeles Rams, whom they’ll play on Saturday night for the NFL preseason.

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