Anti-Abortion Climber Shocks Super Bowl Week Attendees By Scaling Phx Skyscraper

An anti-abortion climber scaled a 40-story building in downtown Phoenix on Tuesday without any ropes or any other sort of safety equipment … leaving Super Bowl week attendees shocked on the ground below.

Maison DesChamps — a daredevil known as the “Pro-Life Spider-Man” — performed the stunt to raise money … beginning his ascent on the Chase Tower at around 9 AM.

DesChamps wedged himself in between a crevasse in the building — and inched his way up to the top — as spectators who had flocked to the city for Super Bowl LVII gathered on the streets below to watch.

At one point, DesChamps paused in the middle of his climb — filming himself and explaining his reasoning for going up the side of the skyscraper.

Eventually, the climber got to the top — where he was taken into custody.

City officials denounced the move a short time after he reached safety, according to 12 News, saying, “This is not the place or the time to do this. This is extremely dangerous.”

DesChamps has performed stunts like this on multiple occasions over the past year, recently jetting up the Salesforce Tower in the middle of downtown SF back in May.

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