Amy Duggar: My Family Just Plain Sucks!

Amy Duggar is under an NDA, which prevents her from exposing Jim Bob’s evil empire in full.

However, she can still speak her mind up to a point, and not just about Jim Bob.

Recently, she and her husband were answering questions — live, without knowing the questions in advance.

At one point, Amy had to admit that her extended family is straight-up terrible.

What started things off was a TikTok challenge, and one of the simpler ones.

It is intended to work for couples, so Amy and her husband, Dillon, participated together.

The first question was innocent enough, though they hilariously had different answers.

“Who usually gets to pick the TV shows you watch?” the voice asked.

Amy and Dillon each pointed to each other.

Spotting how they had disagreed, they laughed good-naturedly and continued the challenge.

“Whose family sucks more?” the second question asked.

Amy, her eyes wide in recognition of the weight of the question and her answer, pointed to herself.

Her husband also pointed to her without hesitation.

Amy knew that this would get a rise out of people, and followed up the video with a quick explanaton.

“We just wanted to come on here really quick and say we had no idea that was going to be a question on that TikTok video we just did,” Amy shared.

Dillon confirmed: “The Amy Gram is random audio she’s never heard of.”

“No for real, I didn’t hear all of it,” Amy stated.

“Because it was like a long one,” she explained, “like, oh this one will be fun because it’s just for couples.”

“I had no idea what they were gonna say,” Amy concluded, commenting: “That was kind of perfect.”

Amy wasn’t walking back or apologizing for her comment about her extended family.

She was merely clarifying that it was a surprise, not a hand-picked question.

Still, she decided to post it, she kept the video up, and she called it “kind of perfect.”

The Duggar family — Amy’s cousins and her uncle and aunt — are part of the IBLP cult.

The cult, their church, and their family are toxic, not only in terms of their beliefs but in terms of their practices.

From physical and sexual abuse to covering up said abuse to brainwashing their children with a cult-approved homeschooling curriculum, there’s nothing good about them.

That can be hard to hear, especially because, seeing the Duggars on TV, you feel like you know them.

It’s easy to get sucked in to what you see on TLC and wonder if it’s really so bad.

Sure, the Duggar girls grew up being taught that they were essentially chattel belonging to their fathers and husbands, but they turned out okay, right?

They did not, in fact, turn out okay — the Duggar lifestyle prepares you to be an obedient cult member, not a part of society.

This means that they are all either still immersed in that world, or struggling to process the trauma of their upbringing.

That doesn’t play out on reality TV, but that’s TV. Amy lived with them. She knows what the Duggars truly are.

Hopefully, one day, Amy will be in a position to share all that she knows about Jim Bob, the family, the church, and the cult.

We are glad that she got away from all of that, and wish that her cousins could know the same freedom and dignity that Amy does.

For now, we’ll continue to enjoy watching her call them out as much as she is able.

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