Amid John Mulaney Divorce, Anna Marie Tendler Wore a Wedding Dress to Art Show Debut

The announcement of an impending divorce between John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler came as a sad surprise to many of his fans. But recently, she wore a wedding dress to debut at an L.A. art show and her choice in fashion seemed like a symbolic statement that Mulaney isn’t the only with new commitments.

A lot of fans have questions about how the end of their marriage came to be. And many believe Tendler is sending messages with answers through her art and imagery.

Anna Marie Tendler’s art inspires fan theories

Mulaney initially received broad support following the revelation he had experienced a relapse, intervention, and completion of a rehab stay. But the subsequent news that he’d left Tendler — and the prompt reveal that he’d already moved on with Olivia Munn — set some fans back. His nervous announcement that Munn is now pregnant was too much information for some followers to just sit with.

Tendler’s Instagram fanbase examines her art and attempts to decode messages about the divorce. They can create elaborate theories involving Mulaney and Munn using the artist’s pictures. Their ideas are based on what seems like symbolism in her portraits and can be logical, even if unconfirmed.

Tendler’s only public comment was to say she was “heartbroken” about the divorce. But fans quickly began detecting more meaning behind her use of imagery and briefly worded captions in photos.

One self-portrait with a seeming likeness to Anne Boleyn — queen of England beheaded by the order of her fertility-obsessed husband — spurred fan theories across multiple platforms. Some followers thought she was indicating her divorce somehow involved the birth of a child. Others thought she was saying, more specifically, she’d been cast aside for Munn.

With a large and growing Instagram following of curious fans, it’s no surprise that Tendler is making waves in the L.A. art world. On Sept. 23, she debuted as a featured guest artist at “The Other Art Fair” and chose an outfit that sends a hopeful message.

Anna Marie Tendler wore a wedding dress to debut

Tendler shared photos from the first day of the art fair on her Instagram stories, and it seemed like a great day. She even got a visit from Molly Shannon! Of course, her booth was decorated with her signature portraits. But her choice of outfit was almost as interesting as her art.

Tendler wore a wedding dress. “The dress was my mom’s wedding dress from 1978,” she wrote on a photo shared to her Instagram stories. As a reminder, those stories expire 24 hours after being posted and may no longer be available.

The decision to debut at the fair in a wedding dress while in the middle of a divorce is heavy with potential symbolism. She could have been sharing a fun fact with fans by telling them it was her mom’s wedding dress. Or, she may have been giving more clues to her state of mind.

Either way, Tendler appears to be devoted to her art at this point. Perhaps the dress was an indication that the art show doubled as a ceremony of sorts for her long-term commitment.

Whatever the case, Tendler’s pictures have been so popular on Instagram, she announced she’ll soon begin selling prints online. And while there are many opinions flying around the internet, most people seem to agree their primary hope is that everyone is happy when everything is said and done.

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