Allow Keegan-Michael Key to Explain Why "All Lives Matter" Is an Unacceptable Response

Keegan-Michael Key appeared on The Late Late Show on Monday night to candidly chat with host James Corden about race and the nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd. The Emmy-winning actor and producer began by saying, “I’m feeling a bit frustrated, and there’s sadness to what’s going on and the fact that this is something that was happening in our nation 50 years ago and it’s still happening today.”

The Key & Peele star touched on the phrase “all lives matter” — which some use as a rebuttal to the Black Lives Matter movement — and shared a spot-on analogy to describe why it’s an unacceptable response, should you need a clear explanation. “[It’s] like saying the fire department should spray down all houses in a neighborhood even if only one house is on fire because all the houses matter. And yes, your house does matter 100 percent, but your house is not on fire,” Key said.

The comedian then shared his thoughts on the looting that has occurred during some protests around the country this week. “We were told that we’re all equal and that we’re going to have equal opportunities, and certain people have found out that that doesn’t apply to them. The American Dream was supposed to apply to all of us, and it doesn’t apply to me,” Key said. “People don’t know what to do with that frustration or those feelings, and this is the manifestation of it in some part.”

Watch the interview clip above to hear Key and Corden’s entire poignant discussion.

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