Alex Jones on ‘losing’ her husband as he became ‘shadow of himself’

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Alex Jones spoke candidly about her marriage and revealed her husband Charlie Thomson spiraled into a depression. The One Show presenter watched the insurance broker’s mental health “fall apart” after becoming seriously ill with Lyme Disease and viral meningitis.

The mum-of-three said her partner went “downhill fast mentally” amid his health scares lead him to a dark depression.

The 45-year-old feared she was “losing him” as she opened up about Charlie’s mental health battle.

The BBC presenter said the family had been “knocked for six” and felt pressure to be the main breadwinner.

Alex said: “It’s my husband’s own story to tell, so I won’t go into detail, but he suffers with his mental health and we’ve just been through a really bad period where, bless him, he had Lyme Disease and then he had viral meningitis. Lots of things happened recently.”

Alex said while Charlie is “coming up the other side in peaks and troughs” there was a time when she couldn’t recognise her bubbly, fun husband.

She said: “Charlie’s super fun, but he became a shadow of himself. He was so ill, he really went downhill fast mentally.

“And again I found myself at a loss thinking ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what to do here.’ We all talk a good game, but do we actually know how to help people?”

She said on the How to Fail podcast: “I thought I was losing him, as in not actually losing him. But I thought “Oh my God, where is he? I can’t see him”.


“I was looking at him and I’m thinking ‘I’m looking and hearing somebody who’s not my husband’.”

The TV star explained she has struggled to understand her other half’s mental health struggles and has been honest with him during lengthy conversations.

She commented: “He tries to explain it, and I said ‘Do you think I’m a terrible person because I don’t quite get it?’

“And he says, ‘No, but because you’re trying to get it, I love you for that’. But he said it is hard to fully understand it.”


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The One Show presenter went on to share her advice for families who are also experiencing the same struggles.

She urged others to seek professional help admitting she didn’t feel “equipped” enough to fully help her husband.

Alex added: “So I just went really gently. I let him have the time. And you do feel frustration, especially when you don’t realise the magnitude of it.”

The couple met at a party in 2011 and married four years later, and went on to welcome Teddy, five, Kit, three, and Annie, 17 months.

Meanwhile, the Welsh native has opened up about her struggles with fertility, and is now fronting new series Alex Jones: Making Babies, a weekly show which sees her train as a fertility assistant in one of the UK’s top fertility clinics.

The mum-of-three has now admitted she struggled with the idea of becoming a mum when she was younger as she thought it was “un-feminist” to think about starting a family when she should be focusing on her career.

She added that herself and Charlie were “really naive” thinking they would get pregnant quickly and easily, and urged: “If you’re in a relationship and you know you want kids, go for your life as soon as you can.”

Alex Jones: Making Babies airs on the W Channel.

For confidential support, call the Samaritans on 116123 or visit a local Samaritans branch. See for details.

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