Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Used to Call Women ‘Gold Diggers’ for Romancing Older Men

Hilaria Baldwin confesses she despised couples with huge age gaps before dating and eventually tying the knot with actor husband Alec who is 26 years her senior.

AceShowbizHilaria Baldwin admits she used to “judge” couples with “big age differences.” The 38-year-old author – who has a 26 year age gap with her husband Alec Baldwin, 64 – claims she changed her mind after meeting the Hollywood actor.

“Before I got together with [husband] Alec [Baldwin], I would judge women and men that had big age differences. I would look at it like, this older man wants some young bimbo with no opinions whatsoever,” she said while reflecting on her previous thoughts in the inaugural episode of her podcast “Witches Anonymous“.

“That younger woman is obviously a gold digger, and she obviously doesn’t even care and is just like whatever, ‘I hope you die, and I’m going to take all your money.’ “

However, her perspective changed after she met Alec almost 12 years ago – before getting engaged in April 2012 and marrying two months later. She explained, “Now that I’m in that relationship and people will say those things about me regularly, I realise, what was this trained into my head?”

“Why was I so judgemental about other people who are literally just finding love, and maybe their love looks different from you and from your love or what my thought love would be but it doesn’t make it not valid.”

Alec and Hilaria have seven children together, including sons Edu, two, Romeo, four, Leonardo, six, and Rafael, seven, and daughters Ilaria, seven weeks, Maria, 20 months, and nine-year-old Carmen.

After welcoming their seven child into the world in September, the couple said they were both “overjoyed.” They said in a statement, “How grateful we feel to welcome our newest little daughter into this world.”

“Just as magical and filled with love as every other little person we have been blessed with. Her Baldwinito siblings are so excited and all discussing who she looks the most like … we are overjoyed to introduce you to baby Ilaria.”

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