Aaron Rodgers Baffled By Wild Goldfish Magic Trick At Jets Training Camp

aaron rodgers screen grab

Aaron Rodgers is used to dropping jaws with his arm, but at a recent Jets team meeting, he was the one in awe — absolutely awestruck over a wild magic trick that featured a real, live goldfish!

The guys over at “Hard Knocks” dropped the footage of the hocus pocus in a teaser for this week’s episode of the hit show … revealing Rodgers and his teammates were enthralled by some sleight of hand from famed mentalist Oz Pearlman.

In the clip, you can see Pearlman asking Rodgers to pick one of his favorite cards after going through a deck of 52 … before he correctly guesses the quarterback had taken the three of diamonds.

But, the trick didn’t stop there, because he then asks New York safeties coach Marquand Manuel what animal he had been thinking of earlier in the trick.

“A goldfish? Seriously?” Pearlman asks. “I got you. Look in your hands, Aaron.”

Sure enough, Rodgers was then holding a goldfish in a clear case … rather than the deck of cards he had believed he was fondling.

The trick baffled Rodgers — as well as everyone else in the room, who all screamed out in shock.

It apparently ain’t just ayahuasca and magic mushrooms that can make Rodgers see things!!!

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