You can now plug your earphones in during a mani and not get judged

For October, Treatwell is launching a service that lets you plug in and zone out while your nails are done – no small talk necessary. 

They say the only time a woman can truly relax is when she’s getting her nails done. Yes, our hands are occupied and we can’t scroll through Twitter, but we can’t really relax. As lovely as it can be to bond with the manicurist over commute routes and upcoming holidays, sometimes you just want to have an hour go by without having to talk to yet another person.

Beauty service-booking app and wesbite Treatwell reports that 89% of us feel too guilty to put our earphones in during a manicure, even though it’s what we secretly want to do. Only 34% of people said they use their manicure as an opportunity to switch off, and 74% struggle to find the time for self-care. Enter the Mindful Mani: Treatwell’s answer to squeezing in some down-time whilst someone else takes care of you. 

For October, Mental Health Awareness Month, Treatwell is teaming up with 100 salons across the UK to put me-time first. Each Mindful Mani will involve a silent agreement between customer and salon that they’ll be using the treatment to recharge and relax, and will be plugging in and switching off without feeling ashamed or awkward.

Customers can get lost in one of Treatwell’s mood-boosting playlists or become engrossed in a podcast. “We’re encouraging customers to take back that one hour, where they can unplug from everyday problems and worries and take back time for themselves free of judgment and in a respectful way, without fear of impoliteness,” explains Treatwell’s Mindfulness Ambassador, Leanne Evans.“This carves out some quality time in between commitments or during your lunch break.”

Treatwell will also be partnering with Adrienne LDN on a live recording of her podcast Power Hour, recording a live episode with guests including Callie Thorpe in which issues like mindfulness and wellbeing will be discussed, which will be available to stream on Spotify from 9th of October.

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