You Can Now Buy a Murphy Bed That Transforms Into a Home Gym

Ever since the pandemic hit and the country went into quarantine, we’ve been forced to adapt to a less-than-ideal set of circumstances, to say the least. Instead of commuting to work, we’re setting up our laptops on the coffee table. Drinks with friends have been switched out for Zoom happy hours. And following the closure of gyms, fitness enthusiasts had to come up with some creative workout solutions that they could manage at home, with limited space or equipment.

For some, that meant converting their unused garages and backyard sheds into fully-equipped home gyms. Of course, not everybody has the luxury of that kind of space, especially those of us living in small apartments in cities. Fortunately, an innovative new product enables you to work out using a piece of furniture that can be found in any home: a bed.

The Home Gym & Bed, created by British startup PIVOT, combines a Murphy bed (you know, the fold-down mattress that shows up in every single guy’s apartment in movies from the Fifties) with a power rack and pullup bar.

The functionality is simple enough; when you get out of bed in the morning, you can simply rotate the bed upwards so it’s facing the wall, and get straight into your morning workout with the training apparatus underneath.

“The PIVOT® Bed is not a sofa-bed or flimsy wall-bed,” reads the official product description. “It could well be the strongest bed ever made and perfectly accommodates a standard mattress, and it looks like a beautiful standard bed when in the horizontal sleeping position.”

The unit, which costs $1,328, is fitted onto a “rock steady” stable steel base, meaning it does not need to be mounted to the wall or floor. However, it is possible to secure it to the wall if you intend to incorporate horizontal cable or TRX pulling motions in your workouts. You can also attach a smartphone or tablet so you can take part in an online workout or training session.

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