Why A Short Bob Haircut Is Perfect For A New Mom Like Kate Hudson — Expert Tips To Style

Being a new mom means you’re definitely short on time, just like Kate Hudson, who gave birth on Oct. 2. Find out why her bob is perfect for new moms or anyone who needs to simplify their routine!

A short bob is super trendy, but also a low-maintenance way to wear your hair this fall. David Babaii created new mom Kate Hudson’s fresh bob for a recent shoot with New York & Company (see the pic below). “I call this her Blondie meets Jetsons Bob, a great A-symmetrical bob that is a perfect look post baby and post her short hair.” Here’s how to copy her look using David’s new hair care line called n:p beautiful, available at Nordstrom.com:

“1. David first started by using n:p beautiful Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. “Hydration is critical for many women after having a baby to replenish and renew their strands.”
2. Next, he used a small amount of his Miracle Serum followed by spritzing her hair with the Volumizing Spray. “What woman doesn’t love fullness?” David says.

3. He used the n:p beautiful Hair Dryer to style, while using his hands to create “micro-texture” — a combination of tiny waves, texture and piecey strands created with his fingers by twisting, pinching and roughing mini sections.

4. To finish, David picked up the n:p beautiful Vibrating Flat Ironand paired the tool with his Beach Spray. For even more texture, he sprayed the Beach Spray on 1 inch sections, loosely wrapping these pieces around 3 fingers to create a large loop. He then pressed the Iron around this circle, scrunching it in his hands as it cooled and releasing it to further enhance the micro-texture. ‘The key to this step is to take random sections of hair to make the micro-texture pop.’”

Less hair means less time to get your desired overall style! This cut is perfect for a mom-on-the-go (or maybe anyone who loves to snooze in the morning)!

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