When Does ColourPop’s ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Collection Drop? You’ll Want It More Than A Bra

Although you may not be getting the reboot of your dreams in the near future, you can still score a one-of-a-kind makeup collaboration that almost makes up for it. ColourPop’s new Lizzie McGuire collection has everything you need to achieve Lizzie’s quintessential early 2000s beauty aesthetic. With plenty of shimmer eyeshadow shades and super glossy lip products, the eight-piece collection will likely fly off shelves faster than you can say "Hilary Duff." The collection drops on March 26 at 10 a.m. PST on ColourPop’s website, and, yes, it is exactly what dreams are made of.

“Grab your ankle bracelet, hair crimper, and butterfly clips! It’s time for some outfit repeating,” the makeup brand teased on Twitter, alongside Lizzie’s cartoon persona. Duff’s character has been a style icon ever since the first episode of Lizzie McGuire came out in January 2001. The 13-year-old’s pattern-filled outfits, quirky hairstyles, and ability to steal the show are all the reasons why I still wish I was her even decades later. Rather than just daydream about what this new collection involves, I’ve got alllllll the deets.

Like any true ColourPop collab, there’s a vibrant eyeshadow palette included. The What Dreams Are Made Of Palette includes 12 bold and shimmer shades in fun colors like "Don’t Freak" and "Outfit Repeater." To bring the glam befitting of a huge concert in Italy, there are also two glitter pods available. Sing to Me Paolo comes in white opal with iridescent rainbow flecks, whereas Get A Grip! comes in bubblegum pink.

You can’t time travel back to the early 2000s without lots and lots of lipgloss. I simply cannot express how many tubes I went through in middle school. To get your Lizzie McGuire-realness on, you’ll need the Dear Diary So Juicy Duo and Seriously Cool So Juicy Duo lips kits. Both were inspired by some of your favorite characters and have a yummy bubblegum flavor to really hit that nostalgic nerve. However, before you add all the sheen possible, you can use ColourPop’s Bubblegum Pop Lippie Scrub first to get the softest lips possible.

The last two products are the Dee-lish! Pressed Powder Blush and You Are Magnifico Pressed Powder Blush. The two cool-tone shades come in bright pinks and have a satin finish. While prices haven’t been released yet, the beauty retailer is known for being very affordable, so (as long as you’re fast), you’ll likely be able to get the entire collection for $100 or less. Now that you have the details, all you need is to set your alarm for 10 a.m. PT on March 26.

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