What I Learned When I Stopped Covering Up My Acne For 10 Days

Ever since I started my venture into womanhood (aka puberty), I’ve had acne — and not just on my face. I had it on my back, my shoulders, and my chest. Starting at a young age, I tried all the creams, topicals, and antibiotics my doctor would prescribe. It eventually got to the point where my doctor recommended that I start taking birth control. When taking “the pill” regularly, usage can help monitor hormones and, therefore, help control breakouts and oil production. Knowing how frustrated I was with my skin, my mom gave me the go-ahead at the ripe old age of 13.

Fast forward to today, I’m no longer taking birth control, but I still have acne. No matter my age, the one consistent relief from acne I’ve always had is makeup. I’ll have a massive zit on my forehead, but I’ll just cover it up and make it less noticeable. Sometimes I think, “Maybe if I put on a little more eyeliner, it will distract people from my blackhead-covered nose.” Having the ability to have some kind of control over my face, even cosmetic, gave me back a sliver of my confidence.

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